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Monday, September 10, 2012

A 5-Day Adventure: Sites worth seeing in Cebu and Bohol

September 10, 2012 19
It was my first time to fly to the Visayas area in 2010. I flew all the way to Cebu to pursue my dream job. But when things didn't go the way that I've hoped for, Rubel and I just distracted ourselves with a DIY tour around Cebu --- Plus a side trip to Bohol.

So what did we see in Metro Cebu that was worth seeing? Here's our top choices:


Sky Experience Adventure with mis amigas Yen and Ruth -- and Rubel! :P

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3 in Cebu: Riding uncertainty... all in the name of adventure!

January 14, 2011 33
{Post from July 2010} Our third day in Cebu was more relaxed yet we still had our nerve-racking moments. Before leaving Alba Uno in the morning, I made a phone call to SuperCat's Cebu office to check if we could still avail of their Island Skip Trips Bohol Day Trip package. And much to our luck, we were still accommodated. So after that phone call, we headed off to the Kartzone.


My boyfriend was able to persuade me into trying kart racing. I was firm about not riding the race kart at first, and leaving him to race on his own. But something in me just wanted to try it out. It was in fact, a different kind of driving compared to typical cars. So I did it anyway.