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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fifth Leg -- Last day in lovely HKG!

January 12, 2011 16

{Trip last April 2010} On the fifth leg of our trip, we decided to visit Stanley Beach. The bus trip from Central to Stanley Bay was about an hour’s worth. And since we were scheduled to go back to MNL that night, the little time we had left in HKG was really scheduled. 

It was raining that morning so the breeze was extra chilly. Nonetheless, it was the perfect weather, and we were in a perfect place to have brunch, on our last day in HKG. Not only was Stanley Bay a beautiful place, it also exuded a relaxing mood. And despite the expensive bill that was tabbed for our Italian meals, we truly thought that the Pizza and Lasagna was worth our money. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

What to do in Hong Kong and Macau on your first visit

January 07, 2011 31
[Trip from November 2007] To give a recap on things, months before my first trip out of the country, I’ve researched extensively the contents of our Hong Kong and Macau itinerary. Through the process, I’ve stumbled upon the following websites that have helped me create our trip activities: Discover Hong Kong, Travel China Guide, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Hong Kong Extras and HKG Travel, and Expedia.

With the help of a few detailed FREE Hong Kong maps, my Kuya and I were able to go around HKG easily. The MTR and buses were so convenient to find and were very fast, which made the commute a breeze for us after sometime. Anyway, let me share what we did during our short stay in Hong Kong and Macau.

DAY 1 

· Checked-in at our hotel around 2 PM, at the YMCA International House (YMCA Hotel by Waterloo Road, near Yau Ma Tei MTR station).

· Headed out for some late lunch at Mcdonald’s (Central area) with my cousin, his wife, and daughter. Mcdo meals in HKG were pricey compared to ours in the Philippines.