Monday, August 26, 2013

How your smartphone photos can pose a threat on your privacy

August 26, 2013 40
Hey Biyaheras and Biyaheros! I just wanted to share this video from YouTube. The findings were pretty alarming for someone like me who likes to take pictures from my smartphone, which I upload online soon after (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). It has been a routine for me, especially when sharing photos of certain family moments and of my travels. I'm sure you've all heard or used the services of Foursquare, where you log in your exact location when visiting a certain area. Well, there's an even bigger threat to posting or emailing your pictures without even accessing the mentioned app. 

There will be an instruction on why you need to turn off the locations services of your phone at the end of the video. So please, please.. watch it until the end.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

ORION HOTEL --- A safe haven in the heart of Divisoria

August 22, 2013 16
I've always loved Divisoria for being Manila's all-around market. You can haggle and buy almost anything there without breaking the bank. Although Divisoria is quite far from where I live (I'm a QC gal), it's still a marketplace worth visiting every now and then. But thanks to all the LRT lines, I can easily take a trip to Divisoria without worrying about getting stuck in traffic, and inhaling all the vehicle fumes. But what I loved even more about exploring the grounds of this bustling shopping center was the opportunity to seek refuge nearby. That's when Rubel and I found the comforts of home in Orion Hotel.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why I love my Debbie Passport Holder from Chelsi Leathershop

August 01, 2013 14
I don't remember being this excited about traveling again, until I received my Yellow CHELSI LEATHERSHOP Debbie Passport Holder. Although my next international travel is still on November, I can't help but fit my brown passport right away. And guess what? It fits perfectly!


Chelsi Leathershop is a wholesale producer of high-quality leather articles that are 100% Made in the Philippines. The core of their business is to re-sell their products to wholesalers and retailers of top brands. They also manufacture from leather material to final product from their in-house tannery, Chelsi Leather & Services. Their products are 100% Made in the Philippines.