SUPREMO 4K Waterproof WiFi Action Camera | Pros and Cons + Basic How-Tos

I've never been the techie type. So when Supremo sent me to try their latest action camera, I was both excited and worried because it's been a long time since I used one like it. I really felt challenged given the many features that I needed to learn from scratch. But I soon got the hang of it, and I could say that it’s an entry-level camera that you can definitely use on your travels. It’s both hardwearing and affordable. Plus, it has an attractive black matte coating that I absolutely love.


Supremo's slick packaging includes a Supremo 4K Camera, Supremo Wrist Remote, Waterproof Case, Replacement Backdoor, Frame, Quick Release Buckle, J-Hook Buckle, 360 Rotating Swivel Arm, 3-Way Pivot Arm + Thumb Screws, Lock Bolt, Flat Mount, Curved Mount, Clip Mount, Handle Bar Mount, Safety Tether, Straps, 3M Adhesives, Rechargeable Batteries, Wall Charger and USB Cable. 


LENS ANGLE: 170 Degrees, 7G A+ Fisheye Super Wide Angle Lens 
SCREEN: 2.0” LCD Screen (960*240) 
VIDEO: 4K at 24fps, 2.7K at 30 fps, 1080p at 60fps Video Quality 
PHOTO: 16MP (20 MPx Interpolated) / 14MP / 12MP / 10MP / 8MP / 5MP JPEG 
BATTERY: 1000mAh, 3.7V Lithium Battery 
WATERPROOF: Waterproof Maximum at 30 Meters 
PORTS: HDMI Mini (Type D) and USB 2.0 Ports 
MEMORY CARD: 4GB to 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 (sold separately) 
DIVING MODE: Red Light Compensation Function in Diving Mode 
DOWNLOAD APP: SUPREMO WORLD available at Google Play or the App Store 



· The Supremo camera has a wide coverage, even without using the Fisheye feature. But if you'd like to change your Field of View from Wide to Medium or Narrow, you can adjust this on the Setup Menu.

· The Wi-Fi feature not only provides convenient transfers of both photos and videos straight to my phone, it also captures real-time snapshots using an App that's free and downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. 

Painting at BenCab Museum, Baguio

TIP: The best and most efficient app to use for Supremo 4K is Excam. I had to look for an alternative, as Supremo's own mobile app consistently crashes or hangs. 

· It has a good battery life, especially if you're just taking photos. I did, however, notice that the battery drains rather quickly when I use it to capture videos, particularly when using either Time Lapse or Slow Motion.  

· The action camera comes with a lot of accessories, particularly useful and ideal for all adventure junkies. Though I’ve yet to still figure out each ones exact functions.

· The audio on the video is pretty audible, especially when you take the camera out of the glass casing.

· It has a slick-looking, sturdy glass case, which can be opened and closed easily.


· The Supremo package doesn’t include a Memory Card. You'll have to buy it separately.

· It best captures videos and photos during daylight, even when using just the default settings (+0.0 Exposure, Auto White Balance and ISO). Though the texture of the photographs wouldn’t look as crisp, despite choosing the Picture Quality to Super Fine, and the Sharpness to Strong. Oftentimes, the images would also look reddish or bluish.
Captured during a DIY Tour of Manila using the EXCAM App 

· The images are slightly hazy and pixelated, so I would always enhance my pictures using Snapseed or Photoshop, especially when I want to brighten or sharpen the photos. I kept using the 4K UHD resolution, thinking that it would create the best shots. But the outcome would still look off. So I tried shooting with just the HDR and 720p 60fps options, and somehow had better results.

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· The videos that we were able to take at nighttime would always look dark, and would only capture bright lights and silhouettes. I wish there was a way to adjust the settings. If you know how to, care to teach me?

· It was a bit of a challenge to use the camera the first time, especially when taking actual photos and videos. Supremo required a certain number of clicks for the buttons to function (i.e. three clicks to change from video mode to photo), which was difficult to grasp in the beginning.

· The zoom feature is fixed. It can no longer be adjusted.

· Other than the basic how-tos, the Supremo Manual could’ve been a better guide if it was more detailed. For example, I had a hard time using the Time Lapse and Slow Motion features because I didn’t know how to operate either. There weren’t any tutorials online. But I’ve managed to find a group that explained how it was done on the action camera. So I eventually got the flow of things (i.e. go to Settings, choose Time Lapse, set to 2 seconds, go back to screen and let the camera record for 15-20 minutes, then click the OK button once you're done shooting).


You can buy your Supremo 4K Action Camera (includes a bunch of freebies) at the following partner stores, for more or less P4,000: 


I've yet to study this gadget further. Yet I can say that the Supremo 4K is already competitive in terms of price and packaging. It could still use some improvement, especially when it comes to the quality of the photos and/or videos captured. But all in all, this entry-level device is a good option if you’re looking for an action camera that you can use for any given activity.

Explore & Be Free!


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  1. Hello, I have a question po., pag nag rerecord po ako ng video zoom in ko po tpos diko napo ma zoom out. un po ba ung sinasabe niong fixed na ung zoom nya pag nag rerecord tpos dimu na pwede ma zoom out.. Thank's po sa sagot.

    1. HI! Actually medyo tricky pa din para sa akin ang Supremo. I'm not sure if matigas lang yung button, pero the same thing happened din when I tried to zoom in while taking a video. Try mo nlng siguro magpress ng mas matagal sa button, at baka gumana yung pag zoom out ng lens. :)

    2. Hi po, concerning the zoom, zoom in with the ok button, zoom out with the wifi button. but i can only do these while taking pictures and not while taking videos but i'm still learning. So far my Supremo 4k is good considering i'm a newbie. My only complaint is that I can only pair with my android if it(Supremo) is the only wifi around.

    3. Well, that's how it usually works. You can only connect to one wifi connection at a time. The same process goes for other wifi-enabled cameras.

  2. Hi, I have an issue with the photo that I have with Supremo 4K. Its kinda grainy pag zoomed in. Is it because sobrang taas ng quality na nakaset? Or may need ako iadjust sa settings?

    1. Hi, Paul! Sadly, my knowledge is limited, so I don't know the answer to that. :(

  3. Hello. Paano po kayo nag-download ng videos from Supremo 4k? Hindi ko kasi ma-download yung videos ko using Supremo World App. Nag-crash lagi yung app pag videos na. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Download EXCAM. It's the best alternative to Supremo's own app. :)

  4. Pano po ba iupdate tong supremo 4k. At di naman nagbabago yung field of view and yung fisheye baka kase pag inupdate si supremo baka maayos yung mga features nya. PAKISAGOT PO THANKS

  5. Hi ask ko lng po if ganu po katagal ung charging?

  6. Hi! I forgot the exact timings. Siguro 1-2 hours? I haven't charged my Supremo for awhile now, so I forgot na.

  7. Hello po gusto ko po sanang malaman kung gaano kalayo ang wifi control range ng supremo kasi plano ko po e attach sa drone ko. Thanks po sa makasasagot

  8. Hello! Just a question. How to connect or pair the Supremo4k plus to wifi thru phone? Mine isn’t working. It always cannot detect the camera itself. So I cannot use the supremo app at all. Huhu. Please help.

  9. Hello po.. Bat po gnun. .i couldn't find an EXCAM app on the appstorw,my phone is an android nmn po

  10. Hi ano password ng supremo 4K plus to connect sa wifi

  11. Hi! Check the settings of your camera, lalabas dun sa wifi category.

  12. HI, Camille Catanyag. Look for the EXCAM app on the App Store or sa Google Play. That one works well with Supremo.


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