Discovering Phuket's Popular Beaches Via Motorcycle

I’ve taken motorcycle rides plenty of times during my travels in the Philippines (i.e. CebuBiliran, Ormoc), mostly driven by licensed motorists. Locally, we would call this “Habal-Habal”, a motorbike that is modified to accommodate more than two passengers. I’ve managed to entrust my life in the hands of these drivers, along with just a helmet and a prayer to God for safe passage. Thankfully, I continue to live and tell my story.

Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

But on a recent trip to Phuket, my husband and I ditched the usual paid (and crazy expensive) tours. We wanted to see the three popular beaches in the province at our own pace, and cut on costs at the same time. And the cheapest way to see the sandy beaches of Kata, Karon and Patong was via motorcycle. So after leaving our deposit from the bike shop in Karon, we buckled up, wore our helmets, and left the area.

We may have experienced some rain showers during our stay last November. But the weather during our road trip was perfect the entire day. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, we felt relieved to have driven through uphill and downhill roads that were both smooth and dry. I actually enjoyed cruising comfortably into the coastal roads of Phuket, while admiring the stunning vista.

It also helped that the motorcycle that was lent to us was in good condition. The tires weren’t beat up; the brakes had a good stopping power; the headlight and taillight were both visible; and the horn was audible enough to be heard by other motorists (amongst other working parts and functions). We were put at ease knowing that our ride was safe to drive.  

It doesn’t help to be complacent, especially when traveling via motorcycle because anything can happen while you’re on the road. That’s why it pays to always check every element of the vehicle, particularly the rubber tires – the most important component of the motorcycle. You can actually get cheap motorcycle parts but are still quality-made like Bridgestone motorcycle tires for sale for example. Getting this type of tires will surely provide you with a safe driving performance. 

I don't mind riding a motorcycle when I'm traveling, as long as I'm in the comforts of a safe vehicle and a good driver. Thank God my husband knew his way around the vehicle and got us safely back to Karon without a scratch.

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