Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Memento Of Travels And Memories

July 27, 2013 18
The only things that I collected when I started traveling with my family were photos and shells. I always thought that these were enough when it came to documenting the places that we visited. But when I started traveling on my own, I was eventually drawn to the little yet valuable things that I encountered along the way. From then on, I knew that I had to take home a piece from every destination that I've been to.

My Travel Shrine! =P

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our summer retreat at Blue Pavilion Beach Resort Infanta, Quezon

July 21, 2013 16
There are certain things in life that you plan along the way but won't always push through. My spirit was dampened when I had to cancel a few trips during the summer due to my fractured foot. Not only was I on house arrest for the whole season, I also couldn't leave my room that easily because of my cast. It felt like I was in prison. Yet I still I had some hope that I would get that last summer getaway. True enough, my family was invited to stay for a few days at Blue Pavilion Beach Resort, Infanta, Quezon.

Blue Pavilion was a 5-hour drive from Quezon City. My family and I didn't have a hard time finding the resort, as the directions that were posted on their site was easy to follow.