Tuesday, February 5, 2013

8 Rockin' Romantic Getaways in the Philippines

There are plenty of beautiful and picturesque places where you can bring your loved one/s to. And these aren't just perfect for Valentine's Day! So if you're thinking about taking your relationship up a notch, consider these Philippine towns as a way of saying "I love you dear. You deserve to be treated to a romantic getaway!" Here's to sharing 8 romantic destinations that I've already been to with my 'honey'.


Baguio's weather never fails. More so, the lush beauty that surrounds it. It may be a 6-7 hour trip from Manila. But the smell of the pine trees, the whiff of the cold breeze and the aroma of a hot cup of chocolate never fails to ignite the souls of two people in-love. Baguio is a destination that you wouldn't want to miss seeing and experiencing!

TIP: Bring your beau to Mines View. Sit by the rocks and enjoy the overlooking view while drinking your hot, Strawberry Taho. It's the perfect combination, just like you!


Nothing can be more romantic than to stroll down the cobblestone street of Calle Crisologo at night. Believe me, the stillness and the ambiance that comes from the lamp-lit street is just spectacular! So be drawn into a setting that sends you straight to Colonial Philippines, while taking photos with the grand Spanish-style houses as your background.

TIP: Create your "A Walk to Remember" moment by holding hand-in-hand with your partner. And then, cap off your evening by visiting Cafe Leona for an outdoor dining setup.


If you two love-birds are adventure seekers, then what better way than to climb the rock formation of Kapurpurawan for starters? The trek may be tasking at some point. But you'll surely see yourselves guiding each other, while hopping from one rock to another. Of course, when you finally reach the edge, you'll surely be hugging your sweetie as you set your eyes on the enchanting beauty of the South China Sea. 

TIP: Ilocos Norte offers some of the best and scenic areas in the province, and Kapurpurawan is just one of them. 


A quick escape to the beach is typical. But how about traversing the white sands of White Island, while the shore slowly disappears from sight? A bit scary, right? That's how Camiguin's White Island came to be. It reappears in the morning, and disappears yet again during the afternoon. It's a sight to behold and a destination worth experiencing with your loved one. It's also a nice location, where you can take shadows of yourselves on the sand while kissing and hugging your 'honey'.

TIP: The water current may be strong when you cross from one side to the other. So make sure you hold your beau's hand or waist tightly, or else he/she might be swept away by ---- the sea of course! 


Boracay may be bustling with outdoor activities during the day, and parties at night. But one thing that you can do differently is to wander around the fine white sands of the island at nightfall. The bright lights that'll surround you, and the soothing sound of the waves will serve as your audience, while you lesiurely walk with your partner.

TIP: Have dinner by the beach. The waters may not be visible anymore. But at least you'll hear the waves and feel the cold, sea breeze brush through your skin. And if that's not enough, order some LOCO FRIO or Jonah's Fruitshake drinks, and sip those while sitting by the shore.


Bohol is beautiful, whichever part of it you may visit. But it's even more romantic if you stay in a place that is both overlooking and situated by the cliff. Awesome, right? Bohol Bee Farm can only offer you that! BBF is a quaint place, that communes with nature. You can also stay in their cozy rooms, and be mesmerized with their "eclectic array of unique furniture."

TIP: Regardless of the time of day, you can bring your sweetheart here for some organic breakfast, lunch or dinner. The view is magical nonetheless. Just make sure that you get seated at the cliff-side. You can also catch the sun rising or the sun setting while relaxing at BBF's sun-bathing and lounging area.


Have you ever tried swimming, paddling and holding hands with your beau all at the same time? I have! It's the best feeling, just enjoying the scenic landscapes and the mix of fresh and seawater in Coron with your loved one. To be able to experience a good laugh over unique explorations and aquatic views with your partner is a beautiful moment on its own.

TIP: Slip through a tiny hole that serves as an entrance to the Twin Lagoon. The entry itself may come out as suffocating. But knowing that your beau will help you get through it slowly is somewhat a romantic gesture. It makes you feel like he/she will be there with you, through thick or thin *pun intended!* =P


Manila never fails to set the mood. It's just one of those places where you can do just about anything with your partner. You can travel back in time by museum-hopping, dine at those al-fresco restaurants by the sea, or stay at one of the bayside hotels to experience the famous Manila sunrise and sunsets. The view from HOTEL H2O's Bayview Room is spectacular by the way!

TIP: Experience the Luneta Park at night, and watch the FREE Rizal Park Musical Dancing Fountain Show do its thing. You can even setup a picnic here whilst watching the beautiful lights frolic through the night. 

How about you? What's your top romantic Philippine destinations?

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