How to convert Vietnam Dong (VND) to Philippine Peso (PHP)

When I was preparing for my trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Rubel and I discussed the simple conversion of Vietnam Dong (VND) to Philippine Peso (PHP). A friend of his actually taught him how to do the math.

Let's say that you're eyeing a Class A "The North Face" Rucksack for 800,000 VND. It may look very expensive with all the zero's to it. But it's actually quite affordable. You'll just need to take the last three zero's, and then multiply the remaining three digits to 2. This will then be your estimate. So 800 x 2 is PHP1,600! That's your estimated value in pesos. Simple, right?

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So, if you happen to find yourself shopping in Saigon Square or paying for a bowl of hot Pho in Ben Thanh market, then make sure to remember this simple conversion. It will make your life easier, I promise!

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  1. Thanks for sharing information.

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  2. Been planing to go to Vietnam some time soon and this tips is very timely. You made the conversion very easy that I don't have to bring my calculator with me. lol . Thanks

  3. that's easy... minus 3 zeros, then times 2... hahaha... i'll keep that in mind. i just hope i can visit to vietnam before the conversion changes... significantly. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  4. I know right? Mga milyonaryo for a couple of days! Hahaha

  5. Actually Vietnam sells a few cheap stuff. But in terms of apparel and electronics, they still offer high prices. That's why I only got to buy a pair of Vans shoes and Class A rucksacks. Food is way cheap though, yet very delicious! :)

  6. Hopefully, the conversion doesn't change when you visit HCMC. :)

  7. noted that dear! haha though i find vietnam very cheap already what i do is remember that prize of the same thing i pay back in KL or SG and then remind myself about it when shopping in other country hehe like in Bangkok my limit is 150baht 150 below is good to me and 150 up is expensive already haha xx

  8. I wanted to have change my $50 to Vietnam Dong just to know how it feels to be a millionaire.


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