Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why I love my Debbie Passport Holder from Chelsi Leathershop

I don't remember being this excited about traveling again, until I received my Yellow CHELSI LEATHERSHOP Debbie Passport Holder. Although my next international travel is still on November, I can't help but fit my brown passport right away. And guess what? It fits perfectly!


Chelsi Leathershop is a wholesale producer of high-quality leather articles that are 100% Made in the Philippines. The core of their business is to re-sell their products to wholesalers and retailers of top brands. They also manufacture from leather material to final product from their in-house tannery, Chelsi Leather & Services. Their products are 100% Made in the Philippines.


The Debbie Passport Holder with Snap Lock actually has a great set of features. It's a multifunctional passport holder (size in cm: 10 x 2 x 14) that's made from cowhide leather (embossed with SSA pattern). It also has left and right pockets that helps hold the passport in place and 6 card slots. Apart from that, the passport holder also has a snap closure that provides added security. 


There's no doubt that Chelsi Leathershop's products are made of genuine leather. I was able to test the authenticity of the material by smelling it. Believe me, the aroma of the leather was heavenly! It certainly did not smell fake. You can actually spot a fake if it has a glue or plastic scent. And Chelsi's product had neither.


One of the lessons that I remembered back in college (since I took up Clothing Technology) was how to distinguish the real texture of leather. Genuine leather only has rough edges to show. It's not smooth (knock-offs do). Although the raw edges of the passport holder have been fused and smoothened out already, I could still see some rough appearance from the cuts. Moreover, genuine leather is not completely soft to the touch. My passport holder had both this coarse and smooth feel, which is an authentic feature of leather.

Also, one of the few things that I love about genuine leather is its texture. You should be able to spot a faux leather product by checking the evenness of its appearance. Also check if it's blemish-free. Apart from that, I also examined the pores of the passport holder, and the material shows inconsistently placed pores (knock-offs have a consistent pattern). So it's definitely the real deal, as it shows none of the mentioned descriptions.


I love the simple yet elegant design of the passport holder. Plus, the white top-stitching is a good contrast to the yellow leather material. As for the fit of the card slots, I've managed to put 6 cards in. But it already felt bulky when I inserted a 5th card. It wasn't much of a big deal though, as it still served its purpose. Of course, the snap lock kept my belongings more intact. So it's a security feature that will certainly keep me assured all throughout my trip.

All in all, Chelsi Leathershop's Debbie Passport Holder has passed my standards. And for a retail price of PHP700, it's definitely a worthy investment.

You can check more of their leather goods at their WEBSITE, FB PAGE, LAZADA and ZALORA.

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