About Me

Hi, I'm Mai! :)

I'm a BS Clothing Technology graduate from UP Diliman, who eventually shifted into a writing career. I'm a Freelance Writer, Travel Blogger, and the Founder/Designer of the local shoe line Lakhambini --- a social enterprise that aims to preserve Philippine culture and heritage through the use and promotion of handwoven textiles and handmade shoes.

I’m also a Filipina budget traveler, who’s created a variety of free trip itineraries and well-sourced travel tips. I started blogging about my travels after realizing that I wanted to share the 'budget-conscious-wanderluster' in me. I also love sharing my escapades to random people, my expense sheets, and most especially my personal snapshots.

I am a storyteller. I also tend to write in long form, so that I can share my experiences and insights after every trip. But of course, I try not to write a long narrative, as not to bore my readers. And as much as possible, I share and write down the itineraries that I used, along with the corresponding budget breakdowns, which I label as travel cost sheets. In this way, my readers will know how much I spent for each day, and where these expenses were spent. I make sure that I share the knowledge that I have, so that other people can also find and develop their own strategies; so they too can travel their dream destinations, at their own pace and resources.

I also write about my personal experiences when it comes to traveling with my family, with friends and with my husband. I make sure that I share my insights on how to wander off with different individuals, and how to enjoy each trip despite of our many differences (i.e. how to handle certain situations while on the road, etc.). I actually grew up with a family of 16 members, which grows in number through the years. So this meant getting trained to learn the disciplines of keeping everyday things on a budget. Since then, noting expense breakdowns and making various itineraries for my family and friends helped me hone this 'organizational' skill in no time. Later, putting this to good use in terms of traveling local and international destinations.

Boracay 2011 with my AWESOME family! :)

I also pride on bringing myself to some of the most life-enriching Philippine and Southeast Asian destinations by using only my hard-earned money.

I know that by writing about my journeys (these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunities), that I will be able to fulfill my dream of seeing the world, one step at a time. 

You can read more about my humble travel beginnings here

How about you, what's your story? =) 

Budget *Biyahera is a Travel Enthusiast.
Mai's blog started in 2008.



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