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I love how some locally owned restaurants continue to offer Filipino cuisines in their menu, particularly those that solely serve native dishes. I do enjoy eating international foods and global cuisines. But nothing beats munching on homegrown meals that are infused with interesting twists, like what Braska does. Braska is a cozy restaurant that serves Filipino comfort food in Bohemian Malate.

You will find Braska right in the heart of Manila -- a restaurant that caters to an all-Filipino cuisine menu. Derived from the name, “Nebraska" (what used to be the street's name before it was called Bocobo Street), the bistro's Filipino comfort food is served in a modern setting that has touches of vintage inspirations. The spacious dining room is also furnished with old-manila aesthetics, which is evident in the walls that were made using refurbished wood (taken from the owners old ancestral house), and of wood tables and cushioned chairs. 

You can definitely unwind and indulge in Braska's good selection of Filipino food and drinks, while you enjoy a night out with family or friends, a romantic date with your partner, or a business meal with clients. 

Braska, which is managed by the same owners of Amelie Hotel, opened just this February. The restaurant started serving breakfast exclusively for hotel guests, before they opened their doors to the public in April. Executive Chef Poch Hogar shared to us how they wanted to showcase Filipino food with a twist. 

[L-R: Rem, Paula, Moi, Jherson, Chef Poch, Claire]

As much as possible, they try to integrate local flavors and recipes in their menu. They actually have French Toast, which is of foreign origin. But to give it a local touch, Braska serves guava jelly as an alternative spread. 

They've also created Panini variations, like the Pares Panini for example. Pares, a common food eaten by many in the streets, was recreated with a modern twist (inspired from the French dip sandwich). They wanted to serve something that isn't usually offered in other restaurants, so they made Panini variations and more.

Other than the Pares version, we also got to taste the Pulled Pork Panini, which was complemented with a sweet dip sauce and fried potato chips. I wasn’t won over by the Paninis, mainly because both weren't as hot when these were served. If it were made to be a cold sandwich, I’d probably understand. But on the good side, I liked the distinct, local taste that was infused in the breads. It was definitely a bold addition to Braska's menu, which I believe will taste better when improved further.

Caldereta, a bestseller in the restaurant, is a personal favorite of mine. I got to appreciate the dish even more, as it was mixed with liverspread, which gave it a more distinct taste. Of course, I enjoyed the slices of vegetables that were cooked into the medley, as well as the soft beef cuts, which were flavorful and juicy at every bite.

"Live Thursdays", a new acoustic night that features soulful artists, is best enjoyed when paired with Braska’s bar chow platter, a new offering in Braska. I loved how tasty the chicken wings were, especially when dipped in their garlic parmesan sauce (I just love anything with garlic in it), and how crunchy the Chicken Skin and Kropek were at every bite. I also liked munching on the Crispy Tahong and fried Calamari.

Make Braska your dining option when you’re in Manila. It’s just a short walk from Robinson’s Place Ermita, so it’s hard not to miss.

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BRASKA Restaurant
1669 Bocobo Street, Malate Manila
Facebook: Braska
Instagram: @braskaph

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