The Hostelry: A quality budget hostel in Bacolod City

Working on a specific budget is a non-negotiable when it comes to planning my travels. So when I finally set my dates for my Bacolod trip, I started looking for accommodations that would fit my allocated savings. After making lodging inquiries online, and getting recommendations from friends, I eventually found The Hostelry.

At first, I was hesitant to book The Hostelry, as I was scared to stay in a shared dorm room, let alone nap with a bunch of strangers. So I was a bit worried about my safety. But while I spent the first night there with my friend (we had the entire space to ourselves), I was eventually left on my own on my last night in Bacolod. I had the area all to myself, which actually helped in making me feel more secure. 

The Hostelry wasn't your typical hostel. And it was anything but boring because not only did they have one of the prettiest wall arts and fixtures (INSTAGRAM WORTHY!), they also had some of the most courteous and accommodating staff. 

I was beyond amazed as to how they've extended their customer service, especially when I had to make several room changes to my reservation. The staff who manned their Facebook Messenger were nice, which left a really good impression on me. I'm actually glad that I met one of them in person when we finally checked in.


I initially booked their Single Shared Room, which consisted of 5 single beds and a private bathroom. I had to change my booking a few days later after finding out that the lavatory was an "open space". The toilet and shower may have had their own separate doors (two people can use these facilities separately), but the restroom didn't have a door that you can use to lock the whole area. You'll be forced to do your business, while other people are around. I really wasn't comfortable having to share the entire space with another person, especially when showering or doing the #2 (just imagine the smell and noise?!). And since I favored privacy over affordability, I chose to stay at the Bunk Beds room, where my preferred bathroom setup was available.


The Bunk Beds was a better option, given its 4 bunk beds and private bathroom. The restroom here had separate areas for the shower and toilet. But both were configured into one space, which can be used by one person at a time. I'm very particular when it comes to bathrooms, so this one was a winner for me. It was also a definite steal, as I only had to pay P350 per night.

I loved that my bunk's mattress was firm yet comfy. I also liked that there was a lamp shade on the side of my bed (for late night readings), a shelf with a Bible on it, and a curtain. I wasn't sure about the number of people that were booked during my stay last November. But I definitely enjoyed the quietness in the hostel. 

Of course, I appreciated the fact that The Hostelry still provided towels and a complimentary soap during my stay. The soap, which had a nice scent to it, was a quality product.


I had some down time after exploring Bacolod on my own, so I stayed at the Guest Lounge on the second floor. I was able to do some writing here, and was able to do a bit of reading before calling it a night. The lounge, by the way, had cute artworks painted on the walls, and were also complemented with chic furnitures and travel books.

For the price of P350, I felt safe and comfortable in The Hostelry. I enjoyed it so much that I even bought one of their blue printed T-shirts as a souvenir (their size small shirt was only P110). I also love that Roli's Cafe was also a short walk from the reception (same building), so my meals were always served hot and on time.

The Hostelry and Roli's Cafe definitely made my first time in Bacolod a great experience! I've since recommended it to family and friends who are looking for a comfy and budget-friendly accommodation in Bacolod.

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