Feel The Thrill at Tree Top Adventure...literally!

Tree Top Adventure is the only "Team Building" facility in the Philippines with motorized activities, plus different kinds of Zip line adventure, and other activities in the heart of nature such as Superman, Canopy, Tree Drop, Silver Surfer, Free Fall, Funicular, Trekking, Skywalk and many more to be added. 

The vision came from the expertise of the owners of Tree Top Adventure, who are Engineers and advocates of conservation of environment and healthy living. Thus, Tree Top Adventure in Subic inside SBMA, and Baguio inside Camp John Hay makes sure that customers not only enjoy their time there, but also ensures the safety and health benefits of the activities that they are offering for their guests. 

There is no entrance fee at Tree Top Adventure. You will only need to pay for the activities that you'd like to enjoy (unlike other theme parks), which is very affordable. The fee for the Zip line per ride can range from Php 100.00 to Php 350.00. A huge discount can also be enjoyed if a package, with a combination of activities is availed. 

For the "Team Building" activities, there are facilitators that will lead the program and events. Unlike other facilities, everything at Tree Top Adventure can be measured. The output and success will be coming from the effort of the whole group who are working simultaneously to achieve the goal. Do note that cost per head for the Team Building has two options: Php 800.00 and Php 1000.00, both of which can be tailored depending on the needs of the company. 

"We invite you to experience nature tripping from a breathtaking view – from 100 feet above the ground! With jungle trails comprised of platforms nestled on branches, suspension bridges, and the world’s first motorized canopy tour, what we offer is more than just the peak of excitement. Learn new things, with fresh eyes. We encourage you to explore. Find inner peace as you go through a natural sanctuary hidden by foliage. Or at the very least, conquer your fear of heights. Tree Top Adventure offers each one a personal journey, with unforgettable memories as dense as the forest, that you won’t help but feel closer to the ones you take this most marvelous trip with." 

For more information about bookings and entrance, please contact Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas at 09166299381 or send email to grace@tagmedia.asia. #FeelTheThrill #TreeTopPH

Explore & Be Free!

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