A Luxurious Stay at The Cove Rotana, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

#ThrowbackTravel | In my three years in the UAE, I’ve only set foot in two of its Emirates: Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But last year, I crossed off two more, and these were Sharjah (where we  last moved to) and Ras Al Khaimah. And so, a year ago, my friends and I spent the weekend at Ras Al Khaimah. The resort that we went to, which was The Cove Rotana, was like a scene straight out of a breathtaking, romantic movie. I’ve never been to Santorini, but the Rotana hotel exuded the same stunning ambiance.


My friends and I met at the Terminal 2 airport. Since RAK was only a two-hour drive, we opted to commute via shuttle bus. We felt duped though because not only was our pickup late; we also felt a bit crammed in the van. Mind you, the price that we paid was 32 AED each. The driver even whispered for a tip as we alighted off the vehicle, even though his service was disappointing. 

As we arrived early, we had some time to stroll down to the beach and take pictures before checking into the hotel. I loved the seashore, as the water was calm. Now, the breeze might have been a little too strong for us, but at least they gave us beach towels to use as blankets. We all looked weird, but we didn’t care, as long as it protected us from the cold. Anyhow, our walk back to The Village was also just as scenic as we got to wander past the villas. It was just so picturesque. Even the wooden doors looked stunning.


MJ and I shared a room, while Mane and Emz bunked together. Our share was 205 AED per person, which was already a steal of a deal, given that our accommodation was spacious and well-stocked. Plus, it came with a complimentary buffet breakfast.

A short hallway greeted us upon entering our L-shaped room. The well-equipped restroom and the small walk-in closet separately occupied the areas on the right side. 

Our place was roomy. There was plenty of space to wander back-and-forth between corners. The bed was big enough for the two of us sharing. There were reading lamps (which I used when I read my book), a long desk with free coffee and tea, and cozy chairs. We also had a huge window that offered a poolside view, which looked lovely with its gleaming lights at night. 

One thing I loved about the room is the bath. Aside from its complimentary toiletries, I enjoyed how separate the toilet was from the shower. I appreciated how the facility didn’t feel congested. If two people were sharing it, you would still feel like there was enough space and privacy to go around. 

Oh, and the doorless, walk-in closet was also a treat. I probably had a lot of selfies taken there. The wooden walls, with its easily pulled drawers, were a lovely touch. I spent a lot of time inside it while waiting for MJ to finish taking a bath.


Treating it like any vacation, we all lounged by the shore again until it was time to try the Infinity pool. I love the beach, but I don’t fancy wading in it. 

But when it was pool time, I was game right away. Oh, we took a lot of photos by this area as the sun was setting, as the views were just gorgeous! The villas looked classy; the waterfront was calm; and the greeneries were abounding. The pool water was warm enough to keep our bodies from freezing on a breezy March day. Yes, we visited Ras Al Khaimah in the earlier days of March, so the wind was still chilly.

Now, as guests, the hotel also provided us with fresh towels to use, regardless if we were bathing by the coast or by the pool. We only had to log our room numbers before getting our fill of dry cloth.


The ladies did a karaoke session in Mane’s room as she brought with her a wireless, bluetooth-enabled microphone. They only had to patch it on a smartphone for it to work. I love to sing, but I only do it in the comfort of my home. None of my friends have heard me hum, so I wasn’t just going to belt out for anybody. At least MJ made our night by singing (while making jokes on the side) the entire time. It was an unforgettable moment filled with belly-aching laughter.

MJ also insisted on treating us, so she ordered a bucket of chicken goodness from KFC. We were just glad The Cove was serviceable by KFC’s delivery, so we fortunately had an affordable and yummy dinner.


I’m not a morning person, but I woke up as planned. Mane and Emz woke up much earlier than us to swim by the beach, so we met up with them at the breakfast hall, which was a short walk from The Village.

The high-ceiling hall offered a wide range of cuisines, so selections were filling and plenty. There were stations for variations of bread, egg, salads, soup, dessert and mains. It thrilled me to know that aside from coffee and juice, they also offered hot chocolate for brunch. For a 200 AED per person stay, our brief holiday at The Cove Rotana was a steal of a package. The only downside is that we only stayed for a while as the clouds were about to pour rain, which happened not long after.


We no longer got to try the pools by The Village, as doing so will take time. We were checking out in a few hours, so we used our remaining time to pack our stuff and take a nap. The bus ride home would be a long one again, so we opted to rest for the entire stay. And as soon as we checked out, we hailed a cab that took us to the nearest bus station (not too far from the hotel). We only had to pitch 5 AED each for the taxi ride. 

The bus ticket was cheaper than the shuttle ride we took going to RAK, as we only had to pay 25 AED per person. The Al Hamra bus was cozy and of quality. The drive was also smooth. In no time, we alighted at Union bus terminal. If only we knew about this mode of transport, we would’ve taken it instead. Anyway, there’s always a next time.

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