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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunkissed in Puerto Galera

January 07, 2011 35
{April 2008} Just a week after my trip from Boracay, a few friends invited me to go with them for a 3-day getaway. It wasn’t completely planned. So it wasn’t something out of impulse either. And since Puerto Galera was only 1-2 hours away by boat from the Batangas Pier (add 2-3 more hours via bus from Manila to the pier), we decided to hit the beach with just some money in tow. We brought with us about PHP4,000 each. Besides the fact that I was already burnt by Boracay’s golden rays, I still obliged to this beach adventure.


My boyfriend and two of our friends met up at the JAM Transit station in Kamuning at around 1 am. We bought our tickets at the terminal, which cost us PHP150 each. After settling in the bus, we went for a quick CR break. Word of advice, breathe in as much clean air before using the facilities! It was a grueling and stinking experience!

We left the terminal by 2 am, and was able to arrive at the Batangas port around 5 am. Unfortunate for us backpackers, we only got a boat ride after 1 ½ hours, due to a delay in their transportation services. But the day was still young, and we were still very early.

By the time 6:30 am clocked in, an available yellow-painted boat arrived. By 8 am, we were already checked-in at the South of the Border. This inn was about 2-3 minutes away from the shores of the famous white beach. We then went straight to this location since my guy friend already stayed here on his previous vacation. A funny thing came up though. When we were reading the ‘house’ rules posted on our room’s door, I noticed a certain phrase that stated “Chick-Out!” Imagine that! Sorry for the bad grammar. But it was just hilarious!