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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exploring Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hotsprings in under 2 hours!

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{January 27, 2012} We wanted to maximize our weekend, so we booked an extra tour from Ms. Cherry. She suggested that we go for the Day Tour right after checking-in at the resort. Now, our schedule was tight since our flight to Coron arrived late in the afternoon. And with that, we've only managed to squeeze in two hours on our impromptu tour (5-7PM). 

For our first afternoon in the island, our tour guide Jhun, took us straight to Mt. Tapyas. I wasn't able to do any research on this particular place, so I was caught off guard when he said that we needed to do "a little climb up the mountain". LITTLE ALRIGHT! We actually needed to climb 700 steps before reaching the summit; and climbing 700 steps wasn't a joke to someone as unfit as me.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A biyahera's view of Divelink Resort, Coron

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[January 27, 2012]

It was my first time to ride AirPhil Express. And it was also our first time to visit Coron. At the onset of our journey, Airphil departed on time (unlike our Bohol flight via Cebu Pacific). We also got to land 15 minutes earlier than expected. Apart from that, it was also my first time to ride a prop plane (propeller), so it was a scary experience for me having to feel all the bumps up in the air. There was also another setback to that specific flight, and that was the plane's airconditioning. Believe it or not, we were sweating throughout the entire trip; and I felt claustrophobic just feeling the heat inside the airplane. It was definitely something that we had to charge to experience.