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Monday, May 28, 2012

What it was like being a part of Meet Manila's 'Tertulia Night'

The Invitation

Meeting the awesome team behind Meet Manila was an enriching and humbling experience. Getting invited to their launch party was to me, by a long shot. I've never considered myself to be well-known in the travel blogging community just yet so I was surprised. But I owe it to my amazing followers who've been supportive of every journey that I've made. 

Meet Manila's Launch Party - 'Tertulia Night'

The launch of Meet Manila introduced the 'Tertulia Night'. I actually had no clue as to what a Tertulia meant, all the more what transpired from such an event. And as I've been enlightened of its true meaning later on, I suddenly felt real excitement for this 'upcoming social gathering'. Now, it wasn't your typical 'party'. The 'Tertulia' itself meant more like an evening affair or a soiree of sorts. So you can just imagine a festive occasion where some of the most inspiring Filipino individuals come together to share their personal views and to meet for the same causes.

Friday, May 25, 2012