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Friday, January 7, 2011

4D/3N Travel: What to do when in BAGUIO

January 07, 2011 27
{Old post from May 2008} A friend of ours wanted to celebrate her birthday out of town. So just after a month from our beach getaway, we all decided to take her on a road trip up the mountains. The destination was BAGUIO. 


A day before her actual birthday. We all decided to meet at the 7-eleven store by Roces Avenue around 12 midnight. As soon as everyone arrived, we rode the first available jeep to Cubao to catch a bus trip to Baguio via Victory Liner. The ticket was around PHP450/one-way. 

The Birth of Budget Biyahera…

January 07, 2011 100
I started my travels when I was about 7 years old. My father, a former NHA employee, would always bring me and my brother to his travel escapades. He took us to several family reunions in Pangasinan and in some parts of Zambales. But the one trip that I will never forget was the one in Baguio. I remember it as one of the most memorable of all the trips that I've been to.