Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A rainy welcome in the City of Golden Friendship!

[Trip from November 2010] 

After a bumpy 2-hour road trip from the Balingoan Port (no thanks to our FX driver Sir Buboy, who drove as if he had a furious rage on the road), we finally arrived in the city proper of Cagayan De Oro. The rain didn’t stop even after arriving in the city. But we still had high hopes about enjoying the rest of our first night back in CDO.

When we arrived in the city, we immediately asked the driver to drop us off at the Gateway Tower, which was at the Limketkai Center (near Jollibee and a local drugstore). We got our bags and headed off to our new accommodation – Travelers Pod


The name itself was a catchy one (that’s what got me into booking them instantly), and the rooms that they offered were certainly meant for the traveler-on-the-go. 

We actually had a hard time locating the place since they were situated behind the escalator of the Gateway Tower building. But we’ve managed to find it after exchanging a few more text messages with the receptionist. 

Now, the reception area was inviting. The ambiance of Traveler’s Pod was pleasant enough to spell out classy as well. The staff were also very welcomey, and they helped carry our luggages up to the second floor. And after being redirected to each of our rooms, our first impression was --– small! Our room was tiny in size. But for a price offering of P1,000/night, it looked good enough to sleep in. It wasn’t as spacious as we would have wanted it to be. But it was stylish enough to our own approval.

We actually loved our room despite the space constraint. But it was a place that you can still enjoy staying-in for the night. Other than that, our A/C Pod had the following items in the room: 

  • 2 single beds with very stylish covers
  • Soft pillows
  • Small wooden cabinet with drawers and hangers
  • Table
  • Individual bathrobes
  • Towels that weren’t absorbent
  • Flat screen TV
  • Free WIFI access!

The rooms, and the other bed spaces (and I meant, beds that were just divided using nothing but curtains) were also shown with great design and aesthetic. These were called the Single Pods.


The room that we availed had no private bathroom, so we were only allowed to use the common T & B down the hall. The common bathrooms can only be used by one person at a time. So if you’re thinking about getting your own privacy, you’ll certainly have it. 

Also, the bathroom was stocked up with free soap and shampoo products. An elegantly designed sink can also be accessed from the second floor -- where clean mirrors, combs and a hair dryer can also be used. The toilets on the other hand were always kept squeaky clean. A clean roll of tissue paper was always at our disposal too.

As soon as we got our things settled into our pod, we headed off to the nearest church. We didn’t stay long though since we couldn’t understand the sermon (it was being delivered in a dialect that we could not comprehend). Since we were also running on empty, we decided to say a short prayer before heading to Limketkai for dinner.


Limketkai was only a 5-minute walk from Travelers Pod. It also had this Tomas Morato-vibe with all its restaurants and bars, so we immediately felt at home. I’ve also heard so much about the restaurant called CANDY’S, so we decided to get our dinner there.

The Candy’s menu was extensive but the real deal meals were their pork and beef viands. I for one, ordered the spareribs while the rest of the gang ordered Candy’s famous Baby Back Ribs. Not only were their dishes real sumptuous, their prices weren’t all that heavy in the wallet too. 

And since we still had some extra money to spend, we ordered a few more beers before heading back to our pod.

We decided not to stay up late as we were scheduled to be picked up by the water rafting agency real early the next day. Even before 12 midnight struck, we already called it a night.

Anyhow, our White water rafting adventure is up next!

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