GUEST POST: Travel Guide --- 6 Places to Visit in Baguio

Planning for a trip to the Summer Capital of the Philippines? Make sure to pack your bags with some warm clothing to combat the low temperatures. Don’t forget to make a list of the places to visit in Baguio for you to be guided as to where you should go. It really is easy to tour the city without joining a tour group. You’ll have nothing to worry about.

BenCab Museum

Among the city’s newest attractions, the BenCab Museum has only opened its doors to the public in recent years. Home to national artist Ben Cabrera, the museum features a number of his masterpieces, including some quirky erotic art pieces. The museum is also set in a lush park which makes it ideal for relaxation.

Burnham Park

Among the city’s iconic landmark, the park is a frequent hangout among locals, a popular venue for city events, and a must visit for all tourists. The man-made lagoon offers boat tours. The park also features several gardens, a picnic area, kids’ playground, and various infrastructures for activities.

The Lourdes Grotto

This is a Catholic shrine visited by many devotees but is also open to the public. Set on a hilly area just like many of the places to visit in Baguio, you need to climb up some steps to reach the top of the grotto where the image of the Virgin Mary is situated.

Camp John Hay

Just like any other parks in the city, this one also features lush foliage and great views. Plus, it is also home to a 5,330-yard, 18-hole, par-68 golf course considered to be among the country’s best. You’ll also love hiking along scenic trails. You might even want to stay at The Manor Hotel set in this charming tourist spot.

Baguio Catholic Cathedral

This majestic cathedral is best known for its rose color and is the largest Catholic Church in Baguio. The cathedral also features a view deck which offers a vantage point to check out many of the city’s landmarks and the downtown area.

The Bell Church

Tourists get to admire the intricate details of the church, typical of the temples of China. It comes complete with arches decorated by dragons and Chinese symbols. The church is also set in well-manicured grounds with lush foliage.

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