A magical display of lights at the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Last weekend was unforgettable. I never thought that I would feel so elated just by watching a Pyromusical by the bay. I mean, I've never really seen anything as bold and as vibrant up-close (given the short distance from the seawall where the fireworks were lit). I guess, seeing it in close proximity felt really different, as opposed to seeing them already fired up in the sky every New Year's day. 

Anyway, the seaside boulevard of SM Mall of Asia looked really amazing. It was packed with people, all waiting for the event to start --- the 5th (and the last one for the year) Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

We actually enjoyed going around the Seaside Boulevard, while taking pictures of spectators and of sponsor booths. There was also a fire dance show right before the pyromusical. Anyhow, when the first pyrodisplay was shot in the sky, we hurriedly went back to the media area to prep our cameras. 


We heard the DJ making several announcements that night, updating everyone that the show was about to start. Of course, before proceeding to the actual event, we were all asked to sing and pay respect to both the Philippines' and the United State's national anthems. Soon after, the pyrodisplay began. It was a magical moment that was filled with 'ohs' and 'ahs' from the crowd! I loved what the US of A displayed that night in MOA! It just blew my mind. 


I wasn't quite sure as to how long the intermission was before the Philippines special exhibition started. But when it did, we sang the Philippine National Anthem again. And after that, another great show of fireworks shot up in the air. The pitch black background truly highlighted the vibrant colors from the pyrodisplay! 

My home country definitely showed a great exhibition. They also knew how to make a grand closing, as they made two remote-controlled 'birds' hover over the seaside during the pyrotechnics. The mechanical birds even fired up minutes after both were completely airborne. It was a nice surprise for everybody. Heck! I was like a little kid, who's mouth was left open while admiring the flying, shiny toys!


Of course, the event was concluded when the winner was finally announced. And it was Canada who won first place. China came in at second place, while the United Kingdom snagged the 3rd spot.

The commute home was something that my friend and I dreaded that night (I think the Bruno Mars fans also went home the same time that we did). There were no jeepneys to take us to TAFT MRT, nor were there any buses that would ply our route. But when we finally got on one, we circled the area for about 30 minutes before landing our way into EDSA. Although going home was extremely unpleasant, my excitement over the fireworks display kept me awake. 

I loved how I was able to witness something that grand and creative . That's why I want to thank our sponsors again for allowing us the chance to watch this year's pyrodisplay! I loved every part of it.

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