Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eastern Visayas Tribute: Half-day tour in Biliran Island Part II.

Coreene and I had the rest of the morning in Biliran before leaving for Ormoc. So for us not to feel constrained with the time that we had left on the island, we opted to have a more relaxed tour --- thus choosing to go and see Tinago Falls in Caibiran (another Biliran municipality). 


After breakfast from Agta Beach Cafe, our tour guide drove us via his motorcycle (also known as habal-habal) to where Tinago Falls was located. The travel time from the resort to the famous waterfalls took us about an hour. 

The journey to Tinago Falls was an exhilarating experience. From passing through the busy streets of Naval to cruising through a chilly forest trail. This particular waterscape by the way, was probably the most easiest one to get to since the roads were cemented (unlike our previous trek to Ulan-Ulan and Recoletos). 

As soon as we arrived at the site, an entrance fee of P10/person was asked of us. And after paying what was due, we immediately walked towards the falls. The rush of the water was soothing to the ears. But the view itself was more spectacular. Tinago Falls is certainly a beauty. I just couldn't leave Caibiran without dipping into Tinago's icy-cold waters, regardless of my not wanting to bathe in such chilly conditions.


I was already thirsty after our swim in Tinago Falls. So it was good thing that a nearby coconut plantation was a short drive away (1-2 minutes by motorcycle). Our guide brought us where several of these fruits were plucked straight from the tree. So you can just imagine how fresh are drinks were that morning. But other than that, we also got to eat the coconut meat! Of course, nothing beats sharing a refreshing drink with your travel buddy. :) It's certainly a must-try when in Biliran.


We made a quick stopover while heading back to the resort, to take photos of Mt. Japan-Japan. Our guide told us that the mountain resembled that of Japan's Mt. Fuji, thus the name. I had no qualms about what he shared since I've never been to Japan. I just took it as something new that I learned that day.


On our way back to Agta Beach Resort, our guide dropped us off to a few other sites in Naval. We were able to see the Provincial Capitol, Rizal's Statue and the Naval State University, which were all short distances from one another (Coreene wanted a photo here!).


I would always make it a point to arrange and pack my stuff the night before, so that I wouldn't have to rush myself the next day. So when we got back at the resort, Coreene and I took a quick dip by the beach, and then headed back to our room to haul our stuff and check-out.

Our stay in Biliran, no matter how short it was, was an experience that I will never forget. The marvelous waterscapes and the lush environment that surrounded the island made me appreciate the Philippines even more. Of course, in due time, all of what was destroyed by Super Typhoon Yolanda will slowly spring back to life.

For an overall look on our 4D/3N Eastern Visayas itinerary and expenses, just click my TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET.

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Mai Flores said...

Bigla akong natakam sa buco juice. :)

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Hehehe.. ako din! :)

Mai Flores said...

I wanted to go to Biliran when I went to leyte last year. Kinulang kasi sa oras eh... ;(

Mai Flores said...

Sana lang okay na sa Biliran. I haven't heard from my contacts there since last year. Hopefully, they weren't as badly hit.

Mai Flores said...

I want to come back here and fully explore the province!

Mai Flores said...

Ako din, Pau.. gusto ko pang puntuhan yung iba pang waterfalls. :)

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siguro ok na xa next year ;) I wanna travel solo sa visayas then mindanao... bus lang hehe

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Try mo yung diskarte ni Glen last year. :)

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This really looks pretty awesome! Some gorgeous photos :) Definitely need to add this place to my to-see-list!

Mai Flores said...

Thanks MightyTravels! You really should add this on your to-see-list! :)