8 Jaw-dropping Reasons Why I Love Zambawood (which I bet you'll agree with!)

Now that you know how ZAMBAWOOD started, then I'm sure you're all excited as to what the luxury beach resort will have in store for you --- because when you stay at the San Narciso haven, you're sure to have the whole place to yourself. Their amenities are to die for! So I bet you'll get hooked with this lovely Zambales sanctuary! Below are 8 jaw-dropping reasons why I love Zambawood.

I loved the fact that the resort has character. So if I were to have a place of my own, I would design it towards Zambawood's aesthetics. I was that impressed with the whole look. Mrs. Rachel Harrison, being an Architecture graduate from UST, designed the entire house (both exterior and interior decoration). You'll also find that most furnishings in the house came mostly from their travels around the world.


I was already impressed when I saw the photos from their website. But seeing the house in actual was more awe-striking. So after our quick 'meet and greet' with Mrs. Rachel, we were given a tour around their Zambales home (during which we were also given welcome drinks and a cold towel each --- WORLD CLASS BABY!). 



The first guest room was just mind blowing, given the combination of wood fixtures and of printed fabrics that we saw inside the bedroom (from printed bed sheets to pillow cases). I'm a sucker for beautifully arranged and designed rooms. So for me, it was a "sweep me off my feet" moment. But that wasn't all! The en suite bathroom was also to die for! The black painted walls looked so modern, it even complemented the Basalt Rock stones and the earth-tone tiles that were laid out on the floor. It felt like I was inside a spa, as it exuded that kind of vibe. 


After checking out the first room, we were brought to ours next. And man, was our sanctuary gorgeous! Our group of six were given each a single bed, which were all covered with sheets that had some of the most interesting prints (said to have come from India). Aside from that, the room was also accented with a big wooden dresser --- along with a few wooden tables that ranged in size and length. There were also several flower paintings hanged on the walls, and two wooden ladders that leaned by it (these were used to hang our bath towels and used beach towels). 


Now on to my favorite space --- our bathroom! Our en suite bath was amazeballs! It had a spa-like ambiance, which I'm a complete sucker for! And like the previous bathroom, our very elegant washroom also had a rainshower unit. The walls were also painted black, and the shower floor was also bordered with Basalt Rock stones. It was designed with so much finesse, that I couldn't contain my excitement to take a quick bath. I just love clean and well-appointed baths despite not having hot water. Who needs it in this summer weather anyway? 

There were 2 other rooms, but we only got to see the third one. And it was just as exquisite like the other rooms that we viewed. It was actually a lot similar to Room #1. But it was just as beautiful. 


The living room, which was the first space that we saw upon entering the house, was also a refreshing sight. We were actually given our free time soon after the tour. So what I did soon after was sit by the long and comfy couch. And as soon as I sat, I started admiring the view in front of me. There was this beautiful, white hammock that faced a gorgeous infinity pool. 


A banquet was soon served to us. And yes, there was so much food served on our table that it felt like a feast (it was like this all throughout and I LOVED IT!)! I loved the fact that every cuisine was tasty and well prepared, given that we were served nothing but fresh and healthy/organic meals (two thumbs up on the taste and food presentation!). 


I actually wanted to plunge into the pool soon after eating our lunch. But I was just too engaged with Mrs. Rachel’s stories of Zambawood’s beginnings. So most of us stayed and had a meaningful talk with her. She shared to us her life with her son, and the lifestyle that she and her husband designed for Julyan. She also excitedly told us of her plans of putting up a resort souvenir shop, where only locally made Philippine goods will be sold. She even showed us some samples of her prototype beach cover-ups, shawls and bags that were made out of Pineapple fibers. And while she modeled the many ways of wearing one of the cover-ups, she also showed us the slippers and bayong bag that were made out of waterlilies. Aside from that, Mrs. Harrison also plans on selling a few scented candles and fashion accessories in her future shop. Ingenious ideas, right? It was actually a sign for me to really push through with my future business, since Mrs. Rachel’s goal is to promote the use of local products, especially indigenous textile. So when I told her my plans, she told me to go for it. 


I’m really not a pool person, since I hate swimming in cold waters. But Zambawood pulled me into its abyss like a magnet! I was surprised that the water was warm (or maybe it was the hot weather that gave it the right temperature). I just took my sweet time, paddling through its waters until my fingers and toes looked pruney already. Of course, we didn’t fail to make memories in this part of the resort. Because of my friend Paula’s underwater camera, we all had a blast taking silly shots while submerged. It was such a great bonding activity, as it made us closer with our new found friends. 


The surprises for that day didn’t end with the amenities that Zambawood offered (i.e. entertainment room, infinity pool, massage). They also prepared an open beach tent setup for us that afternoon --- complete with beach chairs, blankets and even a wine cooler! And yes, they provided us with free flowing wine and beer (only drank so much of the former though), and LAYS chips while we watched the famous Zambales sunset. They also had an ATV, which my friends got to use. 

The bonfire was soon lit for us as nighttime drew close. My friends and I huddled around it for a while (as we took photos of it) before going back to the house with our candle-lit lamps in tow.


We participated in the Earth Hour that night so everything was switched off. Only the candle-lit lamps on the dining table illuminated the house. But since the staff of Zambawood were having a hard time preparing our dinner that night, they eventually switched a few bulbs in the kitchen. 

We turned the lights back on after an hour. And a few minutes later, we were fed once again (my favorite part of the day!). This time, Mrs. Rachel cooked her “tira-tira” pasta for us to taste. She actually coined those words because she simply cooked and added leftover food and ingredients on the spicy dish. Mind you, it was delicious! It was by far, my favorite from all the cuisines that were served to us during our stay.


Before we left Zambawood the next day, Chef Marty cooked up an interesting lunch for everyone, as he introduced to us his Tuna Burger patty. It actually tasted a bit bland. But the seaweed salad (with tomatoes and salted eggs) gave it the salty taste that I was looking for. Of course, I swayed off the crabs since I was allergic. But I still enjoyed much of my lunch. I was actually glad that Mrs. Rachel’s “tira-tira” from last night was served still. So I had some of that too (again!) --- along with some white wine! Yes, I love their free flowing wine! And that grand luncheon just capped off the perfect beach getaway!


My friends and I already miss Zambawood, especially the nice people there who work so hard in making it the most comfortable and most gorgeous beach resort in Zambales. I just can't wait to come back and make new memories there real soon. 

Explore & Be Free!

Note: This is a sponsored stay with ZAMBAWOOD. (Budget Biyahera) I do not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of the establishment or its owners. All views and opinions shared on this website are solely my own.

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  1. This is such an awesome detailing of the Zambawood experience. We'll be glad to welcome you again soon.

  2. Hi Ken! I had a hard time compiling all of the good stuff into just one article.. kaya ito ang outcome! Hehehe! But I really enjoyed writing this one... iba talaga sa Zambawood! It's my favorite beach resort na. :)

  3. Ang galing. Ang ganda, Balik na tayo sana soon! hehehe

  4. Tara Pau!!! Miss ko na Zambawood! :)

  5. Love it! Gandara Park! Wanna go there! Must go there this year! <3

  6. Hahahaha! Ang ganda ng comment mo, Mica! :) And yes, you should definitely experience the wonders of Zambawood soon! :P

  7. I love how the details were briefly discussed, but left enough room for the imagination. Very creative and well written. We would love to have you guys back in Zambawood! We'll come up with a different experience for you guys the next time. =)

  8. Maraming Salamat, Sid! I'm glad you liked the write-up..kasi I enjoyed writing it! =) Here's to more inquiries (para mas lalong mawindang si Ken --- in a good way!) and more bookings!!! #SummerInZambawood

  9. "No goodbyes, just see you later!" --> Oo, see you later, Zambawood! :)

  10. Wow super ganda! Really impressive. Love the decor. I'm really into wood, rattan, anything that's reminiscent of my life back there (I try to incorporate native Asian features in my flat as much as possible but they do look odd with the carpet sometimes, and I'm not a fan of Persian carpets, etc, etc, hahahaha) so this is my kind of holiday place. Maybe even the interior of my future home if and when I settle back. Love this place and would like to visit one day :) Happy Easter Mai xxx

  11. Hi Ms. Madge! So happy to see back here! :) I'm glad that you love wooden elements too. :) And yes, you should definitely book Zambawood when you get back from Europe. :) Super worth it! Have a solemn and peaceful Holy Week po! :)

  12. Yes, I very much agree and understand why those reasons are jaw-dropping. I like the infinity pool best! I want to be there right now whahah!

  13. The facilities look fantastic! The food looks delicious as well, maybe I'll be able to visit this place in the future.

  14. What I can say is the place Zambawood is the very Mediterranean feel of the whole place, well that is just my impression base from the photos here.

  15. Zambawood looks really impressive with all their amenities and it looks like you had so much fun.

  16. First time heard and already a fan. Never been to Zambales but definitely a must visit when had a chance.

  17. Wow this place looks amazing!! I love the Mediterranean vibe!!!


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