An Overpriced and Unimpressive hotel room at Tagaytay Haven Hotel Mendez

Rubel and I were already searching for affordable hotels in Tagaytay for weeks before settling for Tagaytay Haven Hotel in Mendez. We needed an accommodation in the city in time for his friends wedding (last November 2013) --- somewhere near the church and Sonya's Garden. And since I loved Tagaytay Haven's other hotel by Ulat, I assumed that their Mendez branch would be as pleasant. I mean, their photos online (rooms and facilities) looked impressive. Then again, the actual thing disappointed us.

Rubel already went ahead of me since he was part of the wedding entourage. I, on the otherhand, came the day after. The driver had a hard time locating the hotel. So we got lost a few times. It was true when my beau said that the hotel was a bit hard to locate. 

I had the driver wait for me so that I could drop off my things at the hotel before heading to Rubel's friends accommodation. The Tagaytay Haven Hotel in Mendez, which was literally situated at the back of Jollibee, didn't look that maintained. There were some stains on the facade walls, and the air in the lobby just smelled funny. It also took a few minutes before the receptionist could finally accommodate me. 

Tagaytay Haven Hotel, Mendez Lobby 

When I finally got to our window-less room, one thing instantly came to my mind --- the room was a big disappointment! We booked it via since I was given a P1,000 discount at the time. Anyhow, here are some facts.

1) The cheapest room that we availed at Tagaytay Haven Mendez retailed for P1,928/night. 
2) The total cost for 2 nights was P2,960 (discounted rate). 
3) If there weren't any travel vouchers for me to use, I would've paid almost P2,000/night for a room that looked more like a thousand peso room. The quality of the space, and the smell of the interiors didn't complement the rate that was offered to us. 

Booked via

Rubel and I felt like we were duped. To let you in on our disappointment, let me show to you the room and its inclusions:

The arrangement of our room was okay. But there was a couch that we found no need for. We were also provided with a desk, and some chairs that we eventually used as a rack for our wet towels. The hotel, fortunately provided complimentary toiletries. So that was a plus. 

Our bed was comfortable. But the SHEETS WERE JUST DISGUSTING because there were lots of stains on it. We couldn't fathom what those smudges were. I mean, we had no other choice but to sleep on them --- with hopes that we wouldn't itch throughout the night. Also, the AC didn't blast cool air as much. We actually wouldn't mind having a beat up A/C, if we only had a window that we could open. 


If you can see the photo of the lamp, then you'll see some stains on it as well. I wasn't sure if it was mold or something. But it just goes to show how dirty the interiors are.

The bathroom was pretty disturbing as well. Why? Because the said hot & cold shower didn't dispense any hot water. Plus, there were some parts in the bathroom that had rust on them. It was pretty disgusting. I mean, will you pay the original price of P1,980 for the things that you're seeing now? 

This was our bed, and it had so many dried stains all over the sheets. We were only able to see the actual thing when we got home from the wedding reception. Of course, we were already too tired to complain or even request for a change of rooms. So we slept in those dirty bedsheets.


There were still some things that I liked about the hotel, so it wasn't a 100% disappointing (maybe just 85%). Tagaytay Haven Hotel-Mendez has a lovely swimming pool, which we never got to use due to time constraints. I was also impressed with the pool and jacuzzi, as both looked clean. Its surroundings were maintained as well. 

I also loved the fact that a Jollibee branch was just in-front of the hotel, where affordable food options could be bought. I was also glad that the famous Bag of Beans was just a short walk away from the hotel.


I won't book Tagaytay Haven Hotel Mendez again. Sure, they're at a prime location. But we still felt like we paid for an overpriced room that didn't provide value in their rooms. I mean, I could probably find a cleaner room in the city for under P1,500. Just take for example Tune Hotels (although they don't have a hotel in Tagaytay yet). They may provide minimal offerings. But at least you'll get your money's worth from them. 

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  1. I haven't heard about this resort before. It seems really nice and the prices are decent. :) I really like to visit resorts in the Philippines which are clean and well-maintained.

  2. You enjoyed your stay and contended with foods and amenities.

  3. Yes, I did. It was already a given.

  4. Pay them a visit, or book them should you find yourself traveling to Biliran. :)

  5. I did not know that there's BIliran Island too. Leyte is not in my bucket list but when I saw the Kalanggaman Island in the newspaper, I know I have to include Leyte in my bucket list.

  6. Wow.. There's quite a few people in the place to think that it was my first time to hear of it. I hope I can come here someday.

  7. This one is ok for P2,000 and guided tours for P350. I hope you can take me along when you come back. Wishing... =>

  8. I had the same sentiment too about Leyte, Michi, as it wasn't really part of my travel list. But I'm glad that I got to visit Biliran Island, which used to be a sub-province of Leyte (it's independent now). I want to visit Kalanggaman Island as well.. :)

  9. You should visit Biliran Island when you get the chance. Madaming magagandang tanawin! :)

  10. Game, Franc! I'm sure babalik ako ng Eastern Visayas. But not anytime soon. :P


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