Why our Lakhambini shoes are priced the way they are

Several people have wondered why our LAKHAMBINI shoes are priced the way they are. But then I ask myself: why not that price range? If you only knew how much we value the process in which the material is made, up until the construction of the shoes (and how they're very comfortable when worn), then you'll know that owning a pair is truly worth every peso. :)

As a traveler, who've recently set out to a new adventure, Lakhambini is a brand that I've grown to be so fond of and passionate about. Lakhambini was born because of my need for comfy travel shoes. Ever since my right 5th metatarsal broke two years ago, I've gone on the look out for something that was comfortable to wear for everyday use. Whether on a casual day or on travel, I can finally and confidently say that I have achieved my goal. But what's even more amazing about Lakhambini is that I get to help our fellow Filipinos sustain their livelihoods, and also help their traditions to thrive further.

So get the chance to know and understand why we give so much value to our comfy pairs...


1) Lakhambini is a 100% locally produced footwear from materials to construction. That's why it's SPECIAL, ONE-OF-A-KIND and TRULY FILIPINO. 

2) The fabrics used on our shoes, which comes with beautiful design inspirations from the Cordillera region, were all sourced in Baguio. All of the fabrics were also HANDWOVEN BY FILIPINO WEAVERS using only traditional looms.‪ #‎FilipinoPride‬

3) Our shoes, which COMES WITH CUSHIONED INSOLES and ARCH SUPPORT, were lovingly MADE BY OUR LOCAL SHOEMAKERS. Lakhambini was developed and created with these features to help provide our customers a more comfortable walk --- without having to sacrifice fashion.

4) We also HELP KEEP OUR COUNTRY'S INDIGENOUS CULTURE, IDENTITY AND CREATIVITY THRIVING by promoting the amazing work of our talented weavers to a wider audience, while helping preserve their weaving tradition. 

These are the reasons why Lakhambini is Fit for your Sole (and soul!) =)

Explore & Be Free!

Mai Flores
Budget Biyahera
Proud Lakhambini

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