Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My 14 Travel Essentials --- What's yours?

***UPDATED LIST*** I'm obsessive compulsive. But I've always seen this 'trait' as an advantage. Not only does being OC keep me on my toes. It also helps me to be coordinated and disciplined at all times. Being an OC traveler has certainly pushed me to be more organized with my trips. And whenever I plan my travels (local or international), I always make sure to produce certain 'lists' that will help show my progress in the planning stage. This way, I won't have any excuse to forget things. 

Moving forward, I have my (1) things to do, (2) things to bring, (3) trip itinerary, (4) and of course, my expense/budget sheet. These four elements always assist me from the beginning until the end of my trip.

Now, as a traveler who's always on the look out for reasonably-priced trip deals, I'm also constantly searching for affordable travel essentials that will help keep my trips more meaningful. So with that in mind, I'll be sharing to you some of my travel must-haves. Some of which never fail to keep my trips fun and hassle-free.

My Travel Essentials:

1) Point & Shoot Camera - I traded my DSLR Nikon D40 for a Nikon P300. Yes, it was a downgrade. But purchasing the P300 was super worth it! Not only did it lessen the load off of my shoulder (considering its weight), the bulk of having to bring the camera bag, my lenses, weren't a burden to me anymore. I did enjoy having a DSLR back in the day. But I enjoy more, the lightweight wonder of my new camera. 

The Nikon P300 is remarkable for a Point and Shoot. It has a Nikkor 4.2X wide optical zoom, and a bright f/1.8 lens. Other than that, it's also able to capture FULL HD movie/s. Awesome gadget, right? :)

2) Go Pro Camera - I always bring Rubel's Go Pro Camera in case some underwater action needs documenting. The Go Pro camera that we have now has both the photo and video features. But it's not capable of capturing any sound during video recording (still the old version). But it's still as helpful. 

What we usually do is just click, and then select/delete photos in our computer afterwards. The last time that we were able to use it was during our White Water Rafting adventure in Cagayan De Oro

3) Waterproof Bag - Aside from the Go Pro Camera, I also bring my  Waterproof Bag Case. Now, it's not the most reliable product in the market when it comes to protecting your beloved camera. But I've risked using this specific product for three local trips. A little water leaked into the bag last time I used it, so I decided to replace it. But it was just as useful. Although you may have to use it with caution. Anyway, I bought mine for an affordable price at eBay.com.ph. 

Photo grabbed from perksgalore888 (eBay seller)

4) A Handy Monopod - I used to have a tripod for my DSLR. I would've kept it for future use. But it was also as bulky as the DSLR! So I bought an alternative tool --- the MONOPOD (now known as the selfiepod)! 

My Monopod from CDR-King can slip perfectly inside my small bag. With it, you'll no longer have to ask random people to take your pictures. You can instantly whip it out of your bag, and just snap away! It's also suitable for digital cameras that carry the standard tripod screw; and can also stretch out to a length of about 70 inches. I bought this for only PHP250.

5) Dry SackRubel and I invested on an 8-Liter Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack a couple of years ago (PHP800++). We found the need for one since we would usually explore both land and sea areas. It's been tried and tested since we've managed to keep our valuables (i.e. camera, phones, dry shirts, towelsintact during some of our trips that consisted both sun and sea explorations.

6) My BLACK American Tourister Bag - I used to pack my clothes inside ziplock bags UNTIL I was given my own American Tourister bag! It's the sleekest and most clean-looking clothes bag that I've ever laid my eyes on. Of course, I'm bias. But it's just something that I can't travel without. It keeps all of my garments intact. :)

7) Footwear - Aqua Shoes - I don't have my own pair yet. But my cousin and I have been sharing a pair of Speedos, which she got for only $5 in Florida. I've already used it a couple of times now, and it has been great for walking by the beach (especially those with pebbly shores) or for hiking uneven terrains. The same goes for my Ipanema New Temas AD Flat Sandals, which has been a constant travel companion for me since 2010.

8) Lotions and Lip Balm - Rain or Shine, Sunny or Windy, you should always bring with you some lotions and lip balm. And if you're going to get yourself tanned during your vacation, applying layers and layers of sunblock is a must. We all know that it'll keep you from getting that sunburnt feeling, and from acquiring skin cancer. Also, remember that our skin is the largest organ of our body. We should be able to protect it at all times.  

9) My Smartphone - I used to print my itineraries, and would always bring a small notebook and some colored pens for jotting down stuff during my trips. But when I was gifted with a very sleek smartphone, I immediately went on a paperless spree! I purchased the DocsToGo App on the Apple Store, and immediately used it for filing my Microsoft Excel/Docs Sheets. I used to note and make revisions on paper during my travels. But having the phone now made things more easier for me. I could log every detail with it anytime I want, and then just save my notes into my computer afterwards.

10) A Pair of Sunnies - Since I already have sunscreen products for my face and body, I make it a point to carry a pair of sunnies as well. A pair of cool sunglasses is a must-have on every trip. So if I were you, invest on a really nice brand, as protecting your eyes from the sun is also just as important. My favorite pair until now is my Vans Off The Wall Spicoli 2 shades.

11) Over-The-Counter Medications - I am allergic to crabs, shrimps, and squids. But I still gorge on these sea creatures when I get the chance to. That's why I always bring a few packets of anti-histamines wherever I go (Claritin). Besides my anti-allergy meds, I also bring some anti-mobility meds in case my tummy acts up (Imodium or Diatabs), and some Biogesic. Of course, I never leave the house without a few strips of band-aids too.

12) Hand Sanitizer - My personal favorite is the Hygienix Antibacterial Hand Spray. It simply smells good. 

13) Chewing Gum - I've been buying the same gum for several years now. And I would never ever trade my Orbit Sugarfree Gum for any other brand. Not only does chewing sugarless gum help freshen my breath. It also helps protect my teeth.

14) Electronic Chargers and Powerbanks - I try not to go on any trip with a dead battery in tow. That would be the end of me. So I never fail to pack my chargers (for my camera and phone) and my Powerbanks whenever I travel. 

So far, these are the things that I bring with me whenever I travel --- other than the usual toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, candles, etc.). 

What are your travel essentials? Care to share what you usually pack inside your bag?

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