Hull & Stern: My Go-To Adventure Bag #SteerTrue

Go out and explore! And while you're at it, bring with you a dry bag that's waterproof, floats on water and folds flat. Wait, is there such a thing? Yes, there is! Such a bag exists and it's definitely a must-have for every globetrotter. It's ideal for people who travel with a lot of stuff (i.e. gadgets, planner, water canteen, etc.). Just like me, I never leave for trips without securing my essentials. That's why I'm happy that I found a product that suits this particular need in the form of an adventure pack called Hull & Stern

At Laiya, Batangas

Substantial ventures definitely inspire me, as they continue to make waves with their innovative products and services. That's why I love Hull & Stern, as it's also locally owned. Founder, Ms. Rose Chua (an adventure seeker herself), created a dry bag after experiencing a travel mishap. Her phone being dipped in the water after their kayak sank, eventually lead to the birth of an amazing gear.


I was on a travel hiatus for 3 months until my doctor finally gave the go signal to "wander off". So imagine my excitement to be back on the road again. And soon enough, I found myself relaxing in a beautiful organic farm in Laguna (Costales Nature Farms) with friends.

The weather that weekend was unsettling. But who am I to complain? Rain or shine, I was finally out! We may have experienced a heavy downpour on our first day, and a little drizzle the next. But I'm glad my Sea Foam Green Hull & Stern dry bag kept my valuables safe and moist-free throughout our farm explorations. Despite getting wet from the rain, I was assured that everything inside my handy gear was intact. 

I also brought my dry bag to Laiya, Batangas, where I got to test it further. As usual, I filled it with all of my valuables, and just left it to sit on the beach (under the sun), while I took a dip in the ocean. I was actually glad that my stuff didn't get all toasty inside despite the heat of the sun. Best of all, its tarpaulin material made it a beach-friendly bag, as it doesn’t carry any sand. I mean, you know how it is about sand depletion. So I was happy that Hull & Stern is a product that also helps with the conservation of our shores. 

I used to own an 8-Liter dry bag that I brought to all of my trips. But I had a difficult time carrying it by hand, especially when certain activities required both of my hands to function. Unlike Hull & Stern, my adventure pack already came with an adjustable shoulder strap and a D-ring for attachment, which made hauling my things a lot easier for me. 

Made of a sturdy, water-resistant IPx5 tarpaulin material, Hull & Stern's dry bag exuded a minimalist yet fashionable design. I also love the fact that it's quality made, just by basing the stitches used on the tarp. But it doesn’t end there! This particular gear is also equipped to resist and repel water, and other harsh elements. It also has the classic Hull & Stern design on the front that comes with a glossy finish, which is said to be perfect for a spelunking adventure. 

I personally can't fill my 10-Liter dry bag. But it's good to know that there's always room for more items that I can carry and store. And when I no longer need it, I can simply fold it flat for easy storage. Of course, not only is it easy to store, it's also easy to maintain. Just wipe with a cloth to clean and you're done. 

My dry bag doesn't just fit my body (and travel needs) perfectly. It's also very easy to carry on my back or by hand. I've been able to bring it to several of my trips, and I'm always left pleased with its form and function. Plus, it's an affordable product!

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Explore & Be Free!

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