Affordable lodging in Quezon City: BGC Hostel & Dorm

I wanted to spend some time out of the house, when I suddenly remembered this hostel nearby that offered bed spaces for just a minimal fee. Relieved that I had a few days to spare (no work, no errands), I made a booking to secure my overnight stay. BGC Hostel & Dorm QC (also known as Panay, Kain, Tulog, Atbp.) in Panay was definitely an accommodation in Quezon City that was worth trying. The lodging, which had a great location, was only a short walk from home. It was also near a mall, and a whole bunch of eateries. 


The BGC Hostel & Dorm wasn’t hard to find, as it’s just located in a small complex along Panay Avenue. From Quezon Avenue, make a right turn to Roces Avenue. The hostel can be found on the right side of the road. You definitely won't miss it as the entrance to the compound carries the hostel's signage, along with other markers from resident food establishments (Mandarin Sky Wok, Artsy Café, Komedor, Tailored Cuisine).

The hostel is situated further at the back, where you’ll need to climb a flight of stairs to access the lodging. I actually had a hard time locating the reception, as there weren't any markers leading to it. I even had to ask one of the guests at the lounge, to ask were the reception was. Good thing, it was only one floor down. So I made my way towards a well-lit hallway, only to enter a dimly lit reception. It was a bit dark and small, where several young adults were comfortably sitting and chatting.


The check-in didn't take long. Although it felt like the receptionist wasn't ready for my arrival. I actually booked my lodging and paid online a day before. But it seemed like my details didn't reflect on their system yet. But after a few minutes, he asked how much I paid, and asked if I knew that I was staying in a mixed dorm room, which I confirmed via a screenshot of my booking. 

Soon after that, he ushered me to a 6-bed dorm space (luckily, an all-girls room) and gave me a fresh towel to use. He showed me where the bathroom was for the ladies, and bid adieu. The bathroom, by the way, has its own water heater, so hot baths weren't a problem. Now, a towel may have been provided. But soap and shampoo weren’t. Good thing I brought my own toiletries. 


I wanted to sleep on the top bunk, but was too afraid to slip or fall. So I chose to stay on the bottom bed. Then again, there was a downside to choosing the lower bunk, as I couldn’t sit on it without bumping my head on the top bunk. So there was no other way but to lie down the entire time, just so I could fully experience my own little space. 

The bed was surprisingly comfy and firm, and the pillow was soft. The blanket also gave me enough warmth during the cold blast of the A/C. I also liked that individual curtains were provided for each bed to secure one’s privacy. 

Each bunk had its own outlet and reading lamp, which was a plus for me, since I read most nights. I also liked that individual lockers were provided in the room. Just make sure to bring your own lock.

If you can still choose your bed, make sure to get one that’s far from the window. Light sleepers will surely be awakened by the hallway noise, even if it's just a light chatter. But if you don't mind such, then staying near one is also just as nice (where you'll surely be greeted by the warmth of the morning sun).


The bed space that I availed didn’t include free breakfast. But there are plenty of affordable eateries nearby that serve early morning meals, several of which are just a few minutes away from the hostel. Once you leave the complex, turn left towards Roces Avenue, and you will find Jollibee and Chowking at the far left. You can also cross to the other side where Fishermall is located. They have a Mcdonald's there that opens as early as 7 AM. But for more food options, you can have your lunch or dinner at Rub Ribs or KFC in Roces, or any restaurant or cafe in Tomas Morato or Timog. You should also try 2 LAZCANO while you're in the area.


Guests can also hang out the reception area. But if you want a roomy and well-lit space, where tables and chairs are also available, you can use the Guests Lounge on the third floor. There's also a TV there should you want to watch and catch up on some local shows.

If you're looking for a place to stay in for a night or two while in Quezon City, you can consider checking-in at this hostel. For P400+ (per night and per bed), you’ll get to experience a nice accommodation without spending too much. You’ll even have access to Free Wi-Fi (at reception only), A/C in the room, hot and cold shower, 24/7 security and more!

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#23 Panay Avenue, Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 3763195 / 0977-8225242 / 0933-4251927

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