Of Christmas Cheers And Gracious Hearts

You've probably heard people say that Christmas is just for kids. And as you grow up, you tend to believe this, and you eventually lose the excitement of celebrating it. Oftentimes, we lose the real meaning of Yule and gift-giving, that we make it look like an obligation. Others simply fail to see the importance of a wrapped present, while focusing only on its physical appearance or value. Despite the changing times, may we always put in mind that Christmas is a time that brings happiness and cheer to the birth of our savior -- a time to also remind ourselves to receive everything that comes our way with a thoughtful and gracious heart. 

Thankful for the gift of travel [Camiguin, 2010]

Christmas isn’t just about what kind of gift you bought or how much time you spent accounting for the long list of people that you need to give presents to. Christmas, in itself, is the gift of love -- the intangible kind that you can graciously give to your loved ones. Celebrating Christmas is an opportunity to feel blessed, to give back and to give thanks. And I certainly felt an outpour of love and appreciation for the people whom I hold dear in my heart after watching Air Asia’s (the World's Best Low-Cost Airline) #ThankYou video. You can also spread the culture of gratitude this Christmas season by watching this moving piece.

AirAsia's #ThankYou video certainly expressed a message of sincere care and gratitude. It's a great inspiration, and a good reminder for me to give thanks to someone special this Yuletide season. 

For you, J...

I've been meaning to write about you, and of the wonderful gifts that you've given me, especially this year. I wouldn't have gotten through a lot of life's major changes without your guiding hands. So let this be a letter of gratitude, not just to thank you in this season of giving, but to also show my utmost appreciation for the lessons that you've taught me all year-round.

Appreciating the lovely sunrise en route to Davao City via Air Asia [January 2014]

Thank you for being the calm at the center of my storm. Getting through our wedding preps, and the wedding itself, was nothing compared to the news that fell on my shoulders a week before I would walk down the aisle. Thank you for being there when I felt an unexplainable fear -- from the time I got the results and cried, to making a decision to get surgery because finally, we've found the means to push through with it. Thank you for providing everything that we needed (from loved ones helping out to funds being sourced). Thank you for making me see the good even in the most unpleasant of situations.

I know that you've always known my heart's fears, especially since I was going to be hospitalized for the first time. I was afraid of dying. I wasn’t quite ready to throw in the towel yet. But knowing that you'll be at my side, helped ease my inner struggles. Thank you for making me feel all the positive energies and prayers that my loved ones sent my way. 

Thanks to you, I wouldn't have pushed myself to get better. There were times when I cried, and got depressed because I felt all the physical pains. I wanted to recover right away. But you asked me to be patient because my wounds would heal in time. “Baby steps”, you whispered. I listened to you, and things did change in the end. And in just a few months, I was back to my normal self. You showed me how to take things in stride. You made me appreciate my life even more.

Appreciating love and life at Taw Hai Floating Bar, Lakawon Island [November 2016]

Also, thank you for introducing me to the love of my life. Remember how I prayed for him 9 years ago, and how you listened to my solemn requests with all intent? You stood witness when I prayed for him. You made sure that with your love and guidance, we’d get to where we are today. You were present when I finally said 'Yes' to him being a part of my life. You were also there when I said "I Do" to my life partner this very same year. Thank you J, for being the protector of my heart. Thank you for giving it to someone who really deserved my love. Most of all, thank you for blessing me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with him.

Celebrated an early anniversary at the Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast, Bulabog Beach, Aklan [August 2014]

Most of all, thank you for the many opportunities that have been coming my way. You've always known my hearts desires and needs, and I am grateful that you've helped me gain back so much of what I have lost this year. I love you, Jesus! I may not see you in the flesh. But your presence in my life continues to give me hope whenever I feel like there's none left in my heart. Thank you for bringing joy into my life. Everything that I have right now, I lift up to you. 

"If the only prayer you say in your life is 'Thank You', that would suffice" (Meister Eckhart). 

Your Child, 

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