Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A spine-chilling experience at the War Museum Cambodia

We almost didn't get to explore the War Museum during our city tour because it heavily rained the entire afternoon. But good thing our Motodup's tall built helped endure the mud-covered streets on our way to the open-air gallery. 

War Museum Cambodia 1 - Budget Biyahera

The War Museum isn't like any other museum that we've ever visited. Most of the battle equipment wasn't entirely covered or stored in airconditioned rooms as one would expect. So we were surprised on how visible things were as soon as we entered the gates.

War Museum Cambodia 2 - Budget Biyahera

A vast plot is what you'll see as soon as you walk into the open-air museum. You'll also find a display of a variety of military hardware and equipment rooted in different areas of the field. Several of these were used during the last three decades of the Cambodian wars.

War Museum Cambodia 3 - Budget Biyahera

While it was challenging to explore the grounds while it rained (we had to hop from one puddle to another), the staff on-site was able to provide umbrellas for us to use. A tour guide was also assigned to us while we went around.

We walked around and saw a lot of heavy armors. Now here's the spine-chilling part! There were T-54 tanks, rocket launchers, artillery items, and several disarmed shells and bombs (among other objects). It was definitely a different experience.

War Museum Cambodia 4 - Budget Biyahera

NOTE: The museum is open daily from 8 AM until 5:30 PM. It also has an entrance fee of US$ 5 for foreign visitors and US$ 1 for locals.

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