Savoury Pan-Asian delights at Wok Boyz

Trying the food from Wok Boyz was an enjoyable experience because we love eating anything that’s Pan-Asian-inspired. It only takes five easy steps to create your wok-in-a-box. But I had a tough time choosing what elements to mix into my meal, as I wanted to have it with as many vegetables possible. 

Here's how our experience went...

I didn't want to go crazy, so I had mine with Jasmine rice (27 DHS) as my base and chicken (11 DHS) as my protein. I also had the option to add two kinds of vegetables (Bokchoy and sweet corn), one type of sauce and one topping (fried garlic) for no extra charge. The sauce that I got for my wok dish was called Gangnam, which was mild and spicy, and Korean-inspired. It had a sweetness to it that blended so well with all the other savory components of the dish. My chosen meal, which could feed 1-2 persons, was packed with lots of flavours. 

My husband ordered egg noodles (28 DHS) as his base, and beef (15 DHS) as his protein. He had some mushrooms and broccoli added, and some spring onions as a topping. He also chose the Wok Boyz Special sauce and was pleased with how savory it was. But one thing that overwhelmed him was the amount of sauce that was mixed into the box. By the time he finished his meal, ¼ of the carton still had sauce left in it. We were, however, told later on that we could request how much of the condiments can be mixed based on our preference, which we will do on our next visit.

We also ordered some Spicy Korean Wings (20 DHS) as our appetizer to complement our Wok orders, and we weren’t disappointed. The amounts were good enough for two people sharing, and the heat from the wings was deliciously made. I could have it all day and any day, as it was that good! The wings seasoning tasted so similar to the Wok Boyz Special that my husband and I enjoyed eating it, especially when we paired it with rice.

We love Tom Yum, so we also ordered one with prawns (20 DHS), and we were impressed yet again. It had just the right amount of heat and spices, and it had generous amounts of prawns, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and ginger. We were happy that we found an authentic tasting soup that was delicious and affordable.

The ambiance at their World Trade Centre branch displayed an interesting set-up given its open-air setting and unique wall graffiti. People can dine-out and enjoy the breeze during the winter season. But it will surely be a different story when summer in Dubai kicks in, as this particular store has no form of covering whatsoever. Well, Wok Boyz has been more of a take-out type of business, and they thrive on deliveries. So the alfresco arrangement was just a nice addition. 

Overall, we loved the food and the Chinese takeaway box concept. The prices were reasonable, and the staff was friendly, too. We will surely be back!

Budget for two pax with drinks: 135 DHS
Location: A short walk from the Emirates Towers metro station (opposite the Museum of the Future).

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