Dine at The Alley by Vikings BGC for less than P950!

It’s been a while since we dined anywhere, let alone go on a buffet. It’s easier to eat out now that we’re fully vaccinated. But mind you, we still had COVID two months after our second dose, so we’re still careful about going out. Good thing, The Alley by Vikings in BGC had plenty of space for social distancing.

I found this restaurant while looking for good birthday deals to avail. As mine was coming up, I found a great promo from The Alley. When you dine on your exact birth date, you get to eat for free, as long as there’s one full-paying adult. But if you want to go anytime on your birth month, bring four full-paying adults. 

Oh, you know I was game. Thankfully, I have a friend who worked there who made sure that we had a safe and enjoyable time. Other than the free birthday slice they gave me, we also enjoyed several dishes from the restaurant. By the way, the lunch rate was priced at P888 (+5%).

Just Steak a Minute

The first stall that we picked for our first round was Just Steak a Minute. Initially, we thought that there would be actual steaks, but there weren’t any. Roasted beef and chicken and grilled Liempo (and one other dish) were the only ones available. We chose the first viand and some corn on the side, and thankfully, the roast beef didn’t disappoint. They cooked it to perfection, as it was tender at every bite. The guys had seconds a few minutes later.


As I’m big on anything Japanese, I hopped on next to Yatai to get my sushi and salmon fix. Sadly, I have no photos to show because I was too busy eating everything at one go (except for this group shot where you can zoom in on our platter). But if there’s anything to highlight, the fresh salmon sashimi was a hit! If I had a choice, I would eat just that!

Lost & Pound

My next stop was Lost & Pound. They offered Mongolian stir-fry, some nachos, and several finger foods on sticks (e.g., Kikiam, squid balls). I opted to try the Mongolian, and the 100-gram tasty noodle dish filled me up! It was like Pancit (or maybe it was?) but with a unique twist to it.

Hao Chi

I was already getting full, so I had to pace myself. But as I was drinking my Soursop juice, I realized I hadn’t had my fill of Chinese food yet. Fortunately, my husband got to sample some dim sums like Hakaw. He remembers having tried some with bean curd, too. But the Hakaw was his favorite. He and my Kuya both commend the chef for being so accommodating. He even cooked a special, off-the-menu viand for him, which the chef brought straight to our table. Now, that’s world-class service!

Rubel also enjoyed the Pancit and the sweet and sour pork. He couldn’t stop talking about both, and now I’m regretting not trying any of those!

Street Wok

No one was manning this stall, but the staff across said that I could sample anything there. There were only three dishes, but I only tried the Pad Thai. Sadly, it was too salty for my taste.

Antipasto Blvd. & New York Pizza

The guys tried some pizza slices from the New York Pizza stall, and these paired well with their Tsing Tao beers. My husband preferred a thicker dough on the pizza, but he still liked the taste overall.

Of course, I had to have my fill of green salad too, so I made a fresh bowl at Antipasto Blvd. The Ranch dressing was good, as it had just the right amount of sourness to it. If I wasn’t feeling full already, I would’ve gone for another round.


The guys enjoyed this more than I did, as I wasn’t too keen on drinking any alcoholic drinks that afternoon. So I opted for Soursop juice instead, and it was refreshing. The guys had sodas first, then ordered Tsing Tao beers next. These were all refillable, except for the hard drinks and wine, which were offered at any extra cost. 

Nord’s Coffee Bar

This café had a tiny space of its own where you could sip your coffee in peace. Kuya wanted to sample their Americano, so I went and ordered one. And in just a matter of seconds, his cup was ready. 

We skipped a few stalls because we wanted to sample dishes that we don't always cook at home. But if you’re looking for Filipino dishes, head to La Sap or Frituen Batsoy. 

You can also order seafood from O’Sean Eleven. I wanted to get some seafood paella, but I forgot my anti-histamine medicine. Well, next time then!

We were hoping for more food options. But overall, it was a good and filling dining experience. The ambiance was cozy and super Instagram-worthy. I loved the interior décor and the homey, Christmas-feel, as well as the enormous windows that gave us a view of BGC’s busy High Street. Everyone followed protocols, so that was a win.

Thanks again to my friend Aeron for accommodating us for their lunch service, and to Paul for giving us complimentary birthday coins to use at the toy crane machine. Sadly, we failed to take home any stuffed toy. But at least, we gained lots of laughs out of it!

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