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Friday, January 7, 2011

Budget Biyahera’s First Trip Out of Pinas

January 07, 2011 66
After ending my last sem in college and before my birthday, my Kuya EJ (older brother and cousin) and I flew to Hong Kong for a 4-day vacation. It was his Graduation/Birthday gift to me. It was also my first time to go abroad, let alone ride the plane. 

Being a first time overseas traveler, getting inside the NAIA (Terminal 1) Airport was a new episode for me. I’ve never imagined it to be that small in space. But despite that, there was still a lot of appreciation on my end. And being the first-timer that I was, I had a lot of anxiety in my system. But on the brighter side of things, I was able to learn more by asking further questions from people with authority with regards to my country’s travel procedures and payments. I am Pinay (Filipina) by the way.

So for the new budget biyahera’s and biyahero’s out there, read up and learn a few tips from my first trip out of the country. I hope it helps you with your future international escapades!