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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wrapping-Up our CamSur Wakeboarding Trip

January 08, 2011 36
[TRIP from October 2009]

The whole gang woke up early the next day, since we wanted to register for our anticipated wakeboarding session. But before that, we ate breakfast first at a nearby hotel (within the CWC vicinity). We were later dropped-off at the waterpark via the free shuttle. We headed out to the CWC Clubhouse soon after, and then registered for the half-day wakeboarding cable rate. 


As soon as we got our gears on, we took the free yellow jeep ride to the Beginner’s area. When we arrived, we were immediately given a short orientation before proceeding to the platform. 

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! --- It probably took me a good 30-45 minutes before mustering the guts to get on the wakeboard. The pro’s definitely made a beauty out of wakeboarding. I, on the other hand, could not get as close to prettifying the whole thing! It was hard for a beginner like me. I fell so many times before I could even get myself to doing the right stance on the board. And since there were so many people in the area, a bit of embarrassment got the best of me. Nonetheless, I tried for 4 times, until I got myself to really cruise all the way! I almost got myself into making a half-turn!

We really couldn’t use the cables consecutively since there were so many people (10 in groups) waiting for their turn. But my 4 times on the cable was enough already, as my whole body started to ache soon after. And since it was a half-day affair, we only ate a quick lunch, went to rest for a bit, and then rode the free yellow shuttle jeep again to the beginner’s area.

As soon as more people started lining up, we decided to head-back to the Clubhouse. We ordered dinner, some drinks and then left for Eco-village again.


Our third day was a pleasant one. But we were all hesitant about trying to wakeboard again. We could no longer get our bodies to ride once more since we ached everywhere. We just did a lot of people watching --- those wakeboarding that is! :)

But later through the day, the group decided to try another round at wakeboarding despite the body pain. I, on the other hand stayed put. And after the group's half-day wakeboarding stint, we ate some late lunch at the Clubhouse. 

Rubel tried to wakeboard at the Pro’s section afterwards, and he got to carry himself almost all the way (about 3/4). We were so proud of him, as he was the only one who progressed that far. 

As soon as my beau got off from the platform, we headed back to the clubhouse to eat our last dinner in CWC. It was a big meal alright! We ordered pizza’s, some sisig platters, some appetizers and more. We were a bit over-indulgent at that time since it was going to be our last night.


Our fourth day was merely composed of some last minute packing, and a quick snack at the Clubhouse. Since CWC also offered free drop-off’s at the bus terminal, we made sure to avail of it. We left the water park before lunch, as soon as we finished taking photos with the locals there. But before anything else, we stopped over at their souvenir store, where I picked up a lot of trendy stuff.

The trip back to Manila took longer, since we traveled in the morning. The traffic in the Laguna area was much worse. We definitely felt the pangs of it since we were rode the ordinary bus this time. And then we started to miss CWC. It was back to reality, and back to work for most of us. But then again, we vowed to come back again.

And as always, another Travel Expense Sheet for sharing. =) Hope it helps in one of your future vacations in CamSur’s famous wakeboarding waterpark! Until then…

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Road trip to Pili, Camarines Sur: A Wakeboarding Journey

January 08, 2011 53
{October 2009} Some of the people who Rubel and I always travel with, all came together into planning an October 2009 trip. It was really just a spontaneous thing, and we all decided to try Camarines Sur for their wakeboarding. Well, we were eyeing CWC in particular, and we really wanted to try their facilities. CWC, also known as Camsur Watersports Complex, is a water park located in Pili, Camarines Sur. You can get to this particular destination via bus or plane.


We initially wanted to fly via Zest Air. But my laptop's internet connection bogged down unexpectedly. And since booking online wasn’t considered an option anymore, I decided to do my own research. And good enough, Penafrancia Tours popped into my search box.