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Road trip to Pili, Camarines Sur: A Wakeboarding Journey

{October 2009} Some of the people who Rubel and I always travel with, all came together into planning an October 2009 trip. It was really just a spontaneous thing, and we all decided to try Camarines Sur for their wakeboarding. Well, we were eyeing CWC in particular, and we really wanted to try their facilities. CWC, also known as Camsur Watersports Complex, is a water park located in Pili, Camarines Sur. You can get to this particular destination via bus or plane.


We initially wanted to fly via Zest Air. But my laptop's internet connection bogged down unexpectedly. And since booking online wasn’t considered an option anymore, I decided to do my own research. And good enough, Penafrancia Tours popped into my search box.

Penafrancia is actually known for their high-end buses. And it was only then that I’ve learned about their Benz Deluxe Buses. The bus company used old-fashioned, full-leather, recliner seats to provide their passengers that living-room comfort during long-haul travels. Anyway, the bus company featured:

- A Mercedes-Benz luxury coach (European made)
- An air-suspension body system
- A Flat screen HDTV (with a second flat screen set at the bus’ mid-section)
- Seats with a lot of legroom and foot support
- A small restroom (which smelled a few hours later)

This bus was certainly a great option for long travels. And for a one-way trip of P950, we were impressed.


Getting to Pili was about 8 hours. But the trip with Penafrancia Tours was a comfy one. Their seats were a lot more comfortable to sleep in, compared to an ordinary bus (we had the option to sleep comfortably on our backs!). 

Going back, we left the Cubao Araneta Central Bus terminal at exactly 9:30 pm. The bus had the air-con at full blast, and they already started showing a movie on the flat screen, which starred Val Kilmer. Anyhow, we probably slept as soon as the movie ended. I probably woke up a couple of times to check on the time, and to also see where we were already. And by the time 5:30 am neared, we finally arrived at our destination.

We got dropped off on this small tricycle terminal, where a sign “TO CWC..” was posted on a pole. We were lucky to get a ride going inside the complex, since there were only 3 tricycles available that early morning. It probably took us a good 10 minutes before reaching the water park. Anyway, the place looked enchanting despite being enveloped in its quiet setting.


We came in real early. So we weren’t able to check in our room yet since there were still guests occupying the space. But to save on time, we left our bags in the safekeeping of the Eco Village office, and then left to get some breakfast at the CWC’s Clubhouse. We stayed at CWC’s Eco Village by the way. Of course, since we were all on a budget, their offered rates were very light on the wallet. It's the perfect accommodation for big groups.


Since we had nothing else to do that morning, we went to the waterpark to explore the facilities. 

And by the time we settled ourselves at the CWC Clubhouse, we immediately got engrossed with watching the Pro’s do their wakeboarding stunts. Most of us could only dream of being as great as them, since we’ve never tried wakeboarding before. We came to the waterpark as first-timers. But being one didn’t stop us from trying the sport. But since we were too chicken about wakeboarding on our first day, we scheduled it for the following morning. Cable rates were affordable so we were all the more happy about it.

Apart from our spectator-session, we also did some hanging out at the Clubhouse’s outdoor pool. The use of the pool is actually exclusive to guests who’s accommodations are within the clubhouse. And since ours was far off, we had to pay PHP150 each just so we could use the pool for the entire day.

CWC was quite the vacationers haven. It was spectacular, and it still had that nature-vibe going despite the numerous cables and facilities that were set up in the area. Plus, the Clubhouse was awesome. Food was superb too! And the meals from the restaurant would usually range for more or less PHP250, which can be shared by 2 pax. You should definitely try their pizza’s, their pasta, and sisig!


Anyway, our first day in CWC was spent taking photos, pigging out, and wandering around. The Eco Village had a lot of interesting things going on in their area as well. They had a hanging bridge, a man made cave, and also a wall that can be used for wall climbing. They also had a Bird Sanctuary nearby.


Our first day in CamSur ended with a few bottles of San Mig Light and a few laughs. And before it got really late, we were already well on our way back to our place. We were all tired and a bit tipsy, so it was a good thing that CWC offered free shuttle rides within the complex. The shuttles are there for a certain time only, so make sure to ask them for the last trip, especially if you don’t want to walk all the way to your accommodations (because ours was about a 15-minute walk from the clubhouse).

Anyhow, our second day in CWC is up next!

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