Friday, January 7, 2011

A side trip to Club Malarayat

{February 2008} I went on a short road trip to Batangas with my family that February morning. We were bound for Club Malarayat, Batangas to visit my sister Ina, who was at her 3G Basketball Camp. 

Both of my sisters are basketball players (they used to play for the National team). But there was also a time when I played as the Captain Ball of my high school and college team. But gone are the days when I could still drive the ball, and defend opponents like a pro. Good old memories...

Anyway, while the 3G team was warming up, my family and I went around Club Malarayat to explore more of the beautiful place. 

By the Pool and Clubhouse 

Playground and Golf Course Area

My sister's camp teammates

The best of the best! My sister's the 4th girl on the top left.

After playing tourist, my family and I went out for some famous Batangas Bulalo. The nearest one that we could find was a restaurant in Robinson's Mall. The place was just a few minutes away from the private resort club, so were able to travel there fast. Anyway, we capped the night off by bidding our sister adieu. We left that night with a full stomach and a very rejuvenated soul. That particular road trip was certainly a breather.

How about you? Have you been to Club Marayat yet? How was your experience there?

Enjoy & Be Free!

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