Friday, January 7, 2011

The First of Summer

Baguio (Circa 2007)

Summer breaks are what my siblings always looked forward to, especially when the month of April finally reveals itself on the calendar. No more home works or exams to study for this time around. These trips would usually come to them as the ultimate freedom -- their energy jumpstarts the coming of summer. This automatically translates to having another trip out of town with the whole family.

Enchanted Kingdom (Circa 2007)

My family and I would only plan one 4 or 5-day trip every summer. Everybody was obliged to squeeze this into our busy-or-not-so-busy schedules. And as a family of 13+ members, traveling becomes a costly thing on its own. Regardless of, these trips always catch on to us as an unforgettable escape. 

We're certainly a family that loves to travel, as we’ve already been to parts of Batangas, Oriental Mindoro, Nueva Ecija, Tagaytay, Laguna, Baguio, Zambales and to Aklan (this being the farthest and the first plane trip to some). 

Moreover, family trips give off a good energy for each and everyone. It turns out to be as a time to bond with one another. It also becomes a time where all the cares and worries of this world are left behind for a time. Everyone is relaxing, laughing and exchanging stories all day long.

These scheduled vacation breaks during the summer is what we’ve always looked forward to, most especially the older ones in the family. It’s a time for them and for us to be together in one place. And as everyone’s growing-up real fast, this becomes an opportunity that never goes unnoticed.

Nasugbu, Batangas

Moments like these are grabbed without hesitation, so that when the time comes when we no longer can make it through these trips, we’ll know and be able to look back and say that we made it through these adventures as a family. But this wayfaring story doesn’t end here. Well not yet, at least…

"The family that TRAVELS together, stays together!"

Explore & Be Free!

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