Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 Famous Sites in a day -- Only in Puerto Princesa!

[Trip from October 2009..]

Our Hunda Bay tour was a whole day affair. We got picked up at the Pension house at around 7 am, and was able to reach the Hunda Bay Tourism Board at around 8 am. So after our guide registered us, we boarded on an outrigger boat with 2 other pairs.

First Stop: Pambato Reef

We got to the Pambato Reef site around 8:40 am. So as soon as we docked, we geared up and dove into the water. During our snorkeling escapade, we were able to see a lot of beautiful corals and a variety of fish. You can just imagine how amazing our morning swim went after seeing different kinds of fish. 

Second Stop: Snake Island

On our way to our second site, our tour guide asked us why our second destination coined the name 'Snake Island'. The tour guide didn’t tell us the reason just yet. So we were left wandering. My first thought was that it was initially inhabited by snakes, which freaked me out a bit. And as we were nearing the island, the guide finally told us the reason behind the islands strange label. I was actually relieved when I heard that the island had the shape of a snake when seen on a birds eye view. It was just that.

Anyway, the island was also filled with a bunch of amazing fishes. One even had a good bite out of me. They also named this particular fish as the ‘Territorial Fish’. Indeed, it was.

Rubel and I had a good time feeding different schools of fish. We even saw a bunch of Nemo’s under water (Clown Fish). Anyway, after feeding the fish, we were called back to shore to be fed with real food. =) We had our lunch (buffet-style again) by the beach.

Now the nice thing about being on this island was that you'll be able to see so many Starfish (in varied sizes and colors). The one Starfish that I was really amazed with was the large pink and plue ones. Since those weren’t allowed to be taken out of the sea for long, we were only given a few minutes to take pictures with it. The starfish were then thrown back to the sea afterwards.

Third Stop: Pandan Island

After lunch and a few minutes worth of strolling and picture-taking, we were asked to board the boat again. Pandan Island was our last destination for the day. 

Pandan Island had a lot of fish as well, especially smaller ones. Since we ran out of bread to feed the fish, Rubel and I just decided to observe the sea creatures. 

Back in town: Puerto Princesa!

We had a great tour, all in all. We actually got back at the port by 4 PM. And since we were too tired to go elsewhere, we just decided to hit the food place nearest to us, which was Kinabuch’s Bar and Grill.

We ordered some grilled liempo, green salad mango, baked tahong, and for me --- a strawberry margarita! We ended the night with a few more beers, and then headed back to Puerto Pension to do some last minute packing. We weren’t able to hangout by the Tribu Deck anymore since we were so beat from the day trip that we had.

Puerto Princesa was by far, the best local place that I’ve been to in a while, and Puerto Pension made our stay even more enjoyable. So we’re definitely going back! 

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