Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3 in Cebu: Riding uncertainty... all in the name of adventure!

{Post from July 2010} Our third day in Cebu was more relaxed yet we still had our nerve-racking moments. Before leaving Alba Uno in the morning, I made a phone call to SuperCat's Cebu office to check if we could still avail of their Island Skip Trips Bohol Day Trip package. And much to our luck, we were still accommodated. So after that phone call, we headed off to the Kartzone.


My boyfriend was able to persuade me into trying kart racing. I was firm about not riding the race kart at first, and leaving him to race on his own. But something in me just wanted to try it out. It was in fact, a different kind of driving compared to typical cars. So I did it anyway.

So I tried it.. and loved it! The thrill of driving was scary but it gave me a different high!


After 8 laps at the Kartzone, Rubel and I decided to visit the Taoist Temple. Now much to our surprise, it was a holy place that was kept inside this very posh village. Public transportation is prohibited from entering this area (like jeeps, tricycles, motorcycles), so it would be unfortunate for anyone to visit the temple without their own vehicle. And we were actually one of those unlucky people!

So we got in the village by cab, and we got out of the village by foot (poor Rubel as he was already sweating like heck!). Not a single taxi came even after leaving the temple. And despite reaching the village gate, cabs were still scarce. But there was this one ride that we could take that would transport us back into the city --- but then we'd have to risk our lives for it! This was Cebu's famous motorcycle ride called the Habal-Habal!

Ok, so I thanked God that we got out safe. But I would've died on one more thing though, and that was the awful smell of the driver! :( Anyhow, when we got off the scary habal-habal ride, we rode the 17D jeep back to Lahug Apas. We got in at Alba Uno, took a bath, and caught in some snooze time before leaving again that night. 


It was already dark outside when we woke up (plus it was raining a little), and was already time for dinner. Since we wanted to check-out the whole Asiatown I.T. Park, we roamed around before deciding on a place to eat in. Da Vinci's Pizza was the final verdict. The place was small but cozy, and had a really unique touch to it. Their pasta wasn't all that great but the 12" pizza that we ordered was sumptuous.

All in all, our 3rd day in Cebu still blessed us a wonderful time. And coming home to a lovely place such as Alba Uno, was always the cherry on top.

Our Bohol Day Trip is coming up next! =)

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