Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I left Cebu with a gracious heart

[July 2010]

Our last morning in Cebu was basically used up for shopping. Well, pasalubong (souvenir) shopping that is. We woke up real early so that we may be able to buy some Cebu delicacies, and rush back to Alba Uno to check-out. Anyway, if you happen to be going to Cebu anytime soon, make sure to pass by Tabo-an Market. You'll be able to find some dried pusit, danggit, dilis, chicharon, dried mangoes, and even small wood-guitars here. They've mostly got all the good and tasty stuff!

Anyway, our last day in Cebu was kind of just laid back. When we got back in Alba Uno, we called up Da Vinci Pizza to order the 16" masterpiece for the staff. And while waiting for the Pizza, we fixed our luggages (had it stuffed with our pasalubong) and then took turns taking a bath. When we were finally done with packing, we headed off to the lobby, and had our luggages stored for the day. Lucky for us, we no longer had to wait for the pizza to arrive since it came the moment we checked-in our luggages. The staff of Alba Uno was deeply surprised and grateful for our small token of appreciation.

Moving on... =) We left Alba Uno and took a cab going to Ayala Cebu. We had our lunch there after watching a movie (the last Airbender). So after eating lunch at TGIF, we got some mocha frap by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, before deciding to head back to Alba Uno (to pick up our stuff).

Oh, I almost forgot. Before leaving our room in Alba Uno, I was able to make one last phone call to CnT Lechon. I had 1/4 kg worth of Lechon reserved for me that day, and we were set to pick it up before heading to the airport. Ok, when we got our stuff back, we bid our goodbyes and headed off to CnT, and then to the airport.

All in all, Cebu and Bohol was a blast! If given the chance, I would definitely book a separate trip back to Bohol. But this time, to experience their most sought out beaches!

In time, I will be able to step into the soils of Bohol again. But for now, thanks Cebu for the warm welcome. I'll see you soon..

So before I forget, here’s our Travel Expense Sheet to help you well on your future Cebu and/or Bohol trip. God Bless! =)

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