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Day 1 in Cebu: Visiting the Queen City of the South

[TRIP from July 2010]

I was in Cebu and Bohol last July 2010 for both business and pleasure. And since you won't ever catch me traveling alone, I asked my boyfriend to accompany me on this trip. We left MNL on the 17th of July, and arrived in Cebu at about 9:35 AM. 

AIRPORT ADVICE: Hail cabs outside the airport

If you haven't made any pick-up arrangements, is looking to find a cheaper way out of the airport, then you can avail of the regular-metered cab just outside of the Airport as well. You'll find a lot of them usually lined-up in front of the Waterfront Hotel. We were able to spend only P150 for less than an hour's worth of travel (including the driver's tip).


We chose to stay in this pension house that was located within the I.T. Park. Good thing it was within this well-known area, as we were able to look for it without much hassle. The place that I had us booked in was Alba Uno Residencia. It was a new building, with great interiors, beautiful rooms, and of course, a nice set of staff members. They were very accommodating and very warm towards us. They greeted us whenever we were around, and they would always have a smile that you can sense every time we would order-in some food. And speaking of their food! WE LOVED THEIR MENU and THEIR COOKING AS WELL! Rubel and I's favorite meals would be their Tapsilog and Hungarian Sausage. Their meals which were typically priced under P100, already included some Java Rice and Free Iced Tea. It was definitely a superb deal!



The airconditioned Twin bedroom that we availed was priced at PHP1,200/night. It was prepared with a nice batch of linen sheets for the beds, and was furnished with two spacious cabinets each! Apart from having a very roomy storage for our things, we also had a private toile and bath, which was supplied with complimentary toiletries and towels. But it doesn't end there! We also had a cable-ready, flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. We also had a sliding window, which provided a great view of the I.T. Park! 


After settling in, we changed our clothes and rode a cab going to the Basilica del Sto. Nino. We said our prayers as soon as we found a spot inside the church. Soon after, we went around the vicinity and eventually found the famous Cross of Magellan. And man, was it amazing! It has played a major part in the History of the Philippines, and we were elated to have finally seen it up-close!

After seeing Magellan's Cross, Rubel and I did some walking around and eventually found ourselves near another beautiful Church --- the Cebu Cathedral. But since there was an on-going wedding, we decided not to go inside anymore. 


Cebu has been recognized for their tasty lechon. This pork dish is downright tasty, to the point that you'll no longer find the need to dip it in any kind of sauce. It just simply stands on its own. 

CnT Lechon is also one of the famous Lechon places in Cebu. The good thing about it was it's just across SM Cebu Mall, so we decided to have our late lunch there. And may I just add that it was truly the best tasting Cebu lechon that I've tasted ever! =)


After our rendezvous with the Lechon, we headed back to Alba Uno. We went back as I couldn't afford to stay out late since I was going to be up real early for an interview the next day. But since there was still some time to spare I studied my notes a bit, and had some Mcdo ordered-in later that evening. 

Cebu was such a nice city! And I was pretty happy that it gave me a glimpse of it for our first day there. Anyway, Day 2 of Cebu is up next!

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