A biyahera in the City of Dreams -- Macau!

[Trip from April 2010] On our second day, we’ve managed to get ourselves to wake up real early for a Macau Day trip. Macau is actually one of the few places near HKG that is very easy to access (can be accessed by ferry/boat). And since you won’t be needing a visa to enter Macau, it was all the more very hassle-free to get into. And apart from its luxurious hotels and casinos, we were also set on exploring the beautiful make of this place (art-wise). It was my first time to go around Macau since I was only able to experience the Venetian hotel, the last time I visited it.

Oh, by the way, the nearest MTR station at Anne Black was the Yau Ma Tei station. From our hotel, it would usually take us about 10 minutes to get to the station on foot. But we hardly ever noticed the long walk since the cool weather condition in HKG hugged us deeply! It was the best weather yet!

Now before anything else, let me just give you a quick run-through of our stay in this hotel. Well, Anne Black had a very nice ambiance to it. Their staff was very nice, accommodating, and always smiling.  And their standard rooms were also very cozy. It wasn't the 5-star type with all the Egyptian cotton sheets and the works, but each of our beds was made up in a way that could still give our tired bodies a good night's sleep. Now each of our rooms had a sink attached to the wall. The standard room only had the sink for our personal use. But for toilet & bath purposes, they provided a common T&B for the floor we were in. But of course, it was still a safe area since the ladies' bath were kept separate from the gents. Plus, they each provided us with a key to the T&B, so it was still a very much safe place to do your number 2's and all. All in all, our stay went well as can be. We truly had value for our money. 

Anyway, here’s how our day went in Macau. 

DAY 2 (in MACAU)
6 AM -              Breakfast
                         *Breakfast place and budget @ nearby 7-eleven store - HK$24 (water &         
7-8 AM -           Purchase Turbo Jet tickets (roundtrip) to Macau at Shun Tak Centre (HK Central)
                          *MTR from Yau Me Tei  interchange to Tsuen Wan red line, going to Central, then interchange again to Sheung Wan MTR HK$ 10.5
                          *Roundtrip Ferry Tickets to Macau HK$ 134 +176 -> night service rate
                          (SCHEDULE: 9 am to 11 PM)
9-10 AM -         MACAU ARRIVAL (take free shuttle to the Venetian or the Grand Lisboa) 
10:30-14:30 PM-  *Lunch and budget @ Ishii Ichiban  HK$ 36 (rice w/beef topping + coke + 
                          octopus fried balls)
                           *Take Bus #3 to Almiere Ribiero to get to the Senate Square (less than $10)
                          -Senate Square – Sau Paulo Ruins – Egg tarts @  HK$ 6/each
                           *Take free shuttle to City of Dreams from Hotel Sintra, to get to the Venetian   
4:30-7 PM -      Macau Sightseeing, Casino and Dinner (The Venetian and/or Grand Lisboa)
                          *Tried the slot machines, just for fun!  HK$ 10/each token
                          *Free Shuttle from the Venetian to Macau Pier
                          *Long walk (about 30+ minutes) from pier to Macau Fisherman's Wharf theme park (where miniature monuments from parts of the world are located)
9:30 PM -         MACAU DEPARTURE
11 PM -            HKG ARRIVAL
                          *Take Sheung Wan MTR – central interchange – Yau Ma Tei HK$ 10.5
                          *Northern Barn Dinner (foodcourt by Mongkok) -  HK$ 10.5
                          *Midnight snack @ Mcdo – Big Mac Meal -  HK$ 20
12 AM -            HOTEL ARRIVAL

Macau City

The famous Sau Paulo Ruins

Venetian Hotel Day Tour!

Trying out the slot machines! 

Visiting Macau's Fisherman's Wharf

3 more days left! I hope I already got you hooked on my HKG-MFM adventures! But don't worry, there’s more to come! =)

Explore & Be Free!

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  1. I love Macau! I want to visit the places that the korean drama Boys over Flowers featured!:))

  2. Macau is such a beautiful place where the East meets West. There are majestic churches and fascinating architecture of buildings came from Portuguese influence plus the Chinese people living in this area.

  3. unsugarcoatedreviewsMay 14, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    Any luck with the slot machines? :)

  4. looks like you enjoyed your Macau trip in 2010! it is also one of the places i frequented when i was still assigned in our Hongkong office. i was amazed at the ceiling of Venetian Hotel and so ate there and ride gondola but no slots machine hehe. did you win? haha

  5. This is really city of dreams.. hahaha!
    Because I dreamed of visiting here.
    I'd probably take thousands and thousands of landscape shots..
    I'm no fan of Casinos, but socializing would be fun too..
    like meeting and getting along with strangers!

  6. Maria Gemma Defeo-HilotinMay 15, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    I would love to be in the pictures!!!! that's how hooked I am!!!

  7. Hey Emmerey! Where exactly in Macau did the BOF characters shoot their episode/s? :)

  8. Hey Athena! Not really a fan of the Beef Jerky. I do however munched on a lot of egg tarts while I was there! Hehehe!

  9. You will love Macau, Jonathan. You should take a trip there and take lots of photos . The magnificent structures will surely complement with your blog. :)

  10. Hahahaha..sadly, no. I had a bad streak that night! Lol! :))

  11. Nah! Didn't get to win anything..hehe! And wow, you've tried the Gondola ride? I wasn't able to try it since I was saving my money for more shopping -- lol! :)

  12. That made me smile, Ms. Maria Gemma! Maybe it's time that you visit Macau too! :)

  13. Visit Macau soon, Sir Francis! Got all excited to see your future photos of the city! :)

  14. If there's one place I'd like to visit in Asia, that definitely has to be Macau. Naremember ko lang yung Boys over Flower. lol. How much was your budget for this trip if I may ask?

  15. I  love the putol na simbahan in Macau!

  16. Macau reminds me of Portugal!

  17. dreaming of visiting this soon!! so near yet so far haha! xx

  18. MACAU... the city of dreams.
    I'm sure you were not dreaming during your stay there.
    The photos show that you enjoyed it very much.  Of course!
    your honey's with you and going to places such as this, 
    makes it more special. CUTE nya ha... bagay na bagay kayo. :)

  19. I'll add Macau to my places to visit by this year. ^_^

  20. Hi Ivy! You're like the 2nd person who's left a comment about BOF! hehe.. didn't know about that. :) 

    As for me, I can't recall the cost for the plane ticket and accommodations combined. I do however kept a travel expense sheet from my whole HKG-MFM-SZX adventure. You can find the link to my excel file at http://www.budgetbiyahera.com/2011/01/fifth-leg-last-day-in-lovely-hkg.html :)

  21. have you been to Portugal, Ms. Cha? :)

  22. Where are you based now Ms. Mary Jane? :)

  23. I really, truly enjoyed our trip, Ms. Marri! Much more since kasama ko ang TL ko..hehehe! Salamat po sa compliment. :)

  24. You should Sir Mark! It's really inviting, being there. :)

  25. i went to macau through the ferry too! :)
    i love it there though i just stayed for a day.
    i wonder if you bought lots of beef jerky :D

  26. I've been in Macau for just half a day and I was able to skywalk, visit the ruins and senado square and also visit the theme park beside the ferry port.


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