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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally, The Land of the Famous Chocolate Hills

January 20, 2011 68

{July 2010} Going to Bohol was actually just our Plan B. That was in case I didn't get called in for the job that I've applied for. But since I really didn't get any call back, I decided to book a day trip via Island Skip Trips (via Supercat). It was also a win-win situation for both me and Rubel since we've never been to Bohol. And me being the planner that I am, I already had my Bohol 'places-to-go' list. But I wasn't able to use it since the tour already had several destinations plotted out for the day. But much to my surprise, all the places that we wanted to visit were already part of the tour.

On the day of our tour, we've decided to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. We left Alba Uno around 6:45, and was able to reach the wharf at about 7:20. We immediately looked for the Island Skip Trips booth to pay for our package. As soon as we got our tickets, we got into the security area and waited to be boarded.

Our boat was set to leave at 8:30 AM. We actually left Cebu just in-time. We got to Bohol probably an hour and a half after, and was immediately greeted by our tour guide. Although I had to make a quick stop to the ladies room before boarding the shuttle (there were about 20 people inside the shuttle).

Basically, our Tour Itinerary went like this:

Depart Cebu via Supercat --> oh we were early!
Arrival Tagbilaran Wharf
Lei Reception by Travel Village --> they gave us these cute necklaces that had tarsiers for pendants!
Tour to Baclayon Church- Oldest Church --> was such an amazing place! But make sure to wear appropriate clothes or else they will ask you to wear these pieces of cloth that you'll have to wrap around your waist.
Loay Backyard industry- Local Color --> this we didn't get to experience anymore.. I don't know why the tour guide did not bring us here.
Loboc River Cruise w/ lunch on board --> this was so-so. The food was ordinary. But the very highlight of that boat-trip were the ladies in Pink. They serenaded us with their beautiful voices and showed us their lovely dance moves. =)
Butterfly Sanctuary --> Got to pass by this wonderful haven.. we also got to taste some very refreshing avocado and ube ice cream!
Tarsier Viewing in Captivity --> LOVED the Tarsiers! These tiny creatures are truly one of God's wonders! They are such rare primates especially when they start to stare at you with their big, googly eyes.. =P
Billar mahogany Man Made Forest --> ohhhh..this was an interesting place as well. We even got to experience this really big & black centipede that was crawling on a tree!
Chocolate Hills- Famous landmark of Bohol --> Being amidst a hundred chocolate-colored hills was remarkable! I could not help but be awe-stricken. Despite the heat that Rubel and I had to experience, the climb up the viewing deck was so worth the physical pain!
Blood Compact Monument- a historical site --> this was also an interesting site to be in.
Souvenier Shopping -->we actually bought some ube and pili delicacies before heading back to the Tagbilaran wharf
Back to Tagbilaran Wharf for Check in -->I actually got hungry on the way back to Cebu so Rubel ordered a sandwich for me. For the price of P100, Supercat's egg sandwich was actually delicious! =)
Depart Tagbilaran for Cebu
Estimated time of Arrival in Cebu


Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3 in Cebu: Riding uncertainty... all in the name of adventure!

January 14, 2011 33
{Post from July 2010} Our third day in Cebu was more relaxed yet we still had our nerve-racking moments. Before leaving Alba Uno in the morning, I made a phone call to SuperCat's Cebu office to check if we could still avail of their Island Skip Trips Bohol Day Trip package. And much to our luck, we were still accommodated. So after that phone call, we headed off to the Kartzone.


My boyfriend was able to persuade me into trying kart racing. I was firm about not riding the race kart at first, and leaving him to race on his own. But something in me just wanted to try it out. It was in fact, a different kind of driving compared to typical cars. So I did it anyway.