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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food + Travel: A Gold-Struck deal at Midas Hotel

March 03, 2013 47
I've become the queen of coupon purchases!

My love affair with all the good deals online made me buy some of the most essential and not-so important goods and services. But these hard to pass up offers also lead me into experiencing one of the best dishes in the metro. Other than my Prestige Cruises encounter, I've also managed to buy an All-You-Can-Eat-Sausage promo from eBay Kuponan. I also got the opportunity to buy a few Midas Buffet vouchers from on two separate occasions. 

For now, let me start by sharing to you my food affair with Midas Hotel's buffet dinner.

I've been to Midas Hotel twice now. One was in December 2011, and another last February 2012. And compared to what Prestige Cruises offered from their deal, Midas completely came through with their own advertisement. They truly promoted how good a catch their offer was. They were the real deal indeed. 

Anyway, here's a peek at what they offered through Metrodeal in 2012:

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Prestige Cruises Buffet Deal - Was it worth it?

January 20, 2012 37
[January 12, 2012]

Early last year, a couple of online group buying sites started popping out of nowhere. It started leaving me and a thousand others glued on to our monitors for another great buy to pop out. What's there to lose from these deals, right? Well, there have been a lot of great discounts... or so I kept telling myself. But then I realized that these money-saving tactics weren't much of a saving-approach for me. So I stopped purchasing late last year (well, that's just me).

Ok so last July, a hard-to-pass-up deal was posted online; and it was sold on Since they were only selling each voucher for P250 per person, I immediately got my credit card for a quick purchase. I then paid for P1,000 worth of vouchers.

In this particular case, I didn't want to loose the opportunity to get into a cruise, that offered a sumptuous buffet dinner, while sailing through Manila Bay. Now, the description from the posting was promising, and the words of the writer really caught my attention. Other than that, the photos that were on the ad drew me closer to a purchase. So I got tempted. An inexpensive, special getaway, right? Well, see the posting for yourself: