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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Live life and explore -- 37 Quotes that will encourage you to travel!

April 16, 2013 78
I've been feeling under the weather for a month now because of the foot cast that constantly reminds me of a very bad fall. Not only is my left calf muscle rapidly wasting away, being immobile for the longest time also takes an emotional toll on me. The month of April was supposedly an exciting time for me since travel plans were already in place (a quick beach escape, a weekend festival, a trip to Tacloban City). 

Being on house arrest and not being able to work is pretty sad on my end. But I still try to keep things productive by stuffing myself with all the positive things that one can get from online resources (Pinterest and Craftgawker are awesome boredom-busters!)

Just wanted to share one of my current pick-me-uppers --- a super cool travel layout from Travel + Escape, which has certainly helped lift my spirit! :)

Explore & Be Free!