Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2: The best things in life are free! Experiencing the beauty of Jeonju..

[TRIP last May 3, 2011As I've mentioned from my previous entry, the JIFF team definitely made our stay in Jeonju a relaxing one. Every morning, there will be print-outs of reminders and event invitations for Kuya that were slipped into our hotel door. They were always very organized and cheery. Apart from that, the JIFF team also ensured that we always had our very own JIFF Ziggy (representative) to show us around the festival.

Anyway, we started our first official morning in Jeonju by availing of our complimentary buffet breakfast at Core Hotel's Restaurant (I forgot the name though) -- while topped with a nice view of the city. It was a few floors up from our 7th floor room, so we were able to get there in time. The buffet typically ends around 8am, so we made sure to arrive before then.

The buffet that they served for the hotel guests were quite hefty. They also served some mean sausages and KIMCHI! *love it* They also had a lot of Yakult bottles on the table, so that definitely made my day. Anyway, there were pretty much a lot of good food choices so the three of us always made sure to come back for a second serving. Here's what our plates looked like on our first attempt... ;)

We headed out an hour after breakfast. We were then fetched by our JIFF Ziggy (who's name I forgot again :[..) at the hotel lobby. Our Ziggy was super nice, and she was doing well with her English. 

She was able to show us around the Cinema Street, and still made time to accompany us to the Bank so that we could exchange some of our USD. We basically didn't spend much on this trip since JIFF paid for our accommodation and bus tickets. We only had to pay for our plane tickets, and of course our food outside the hotel.

Ok, so on to the festival! Kuya's full-length film, Third World Happy, was scheduled to show on this particular day. But it was set to be shown later that day so we still had some time to check out the booths and exhibits outside the area. This was also the time when the three of us met KIDLAT TAHIMIK. The interesting thing about Kidlat being there was that he's a Filipino Igorot. He's also filmmaker who has done a lot of great films and documentaries.

As an artist, Kidlat also creates very eclectic yet amazing artworks. Several of his works were flew in to Korea, where an exhibit was arranged solely for him. He was invited at the festival for an honorable recognition in the film industry. We were all honored to have had the chance to meet him in person.

When it was already time for Kuya to go into the movie house, Choy and I decided to roam the area on our own. We were needed to be back at the cinema for Kuya's Q&A in 2 hours, so my brother and I had enough time to do some window shopping. Frankly speaking, there weren't much merchandise that were purchasable that we couldn't buy back in Manila. But there were a few good stuff but were just too pricey for our budget. So when we got tired from walking, we stopped by this very cool coffee shop near the movie house. The caramel macchiato that I ordered at the BROWN CITY coffee shop had a resemblance with Starbucks, so that gave me a familiar and happy feeling. :) The cute thing though is Jeonju only had one Starbucks shop in the entire city, while there were plenty just in Manila alone!

After coffee, Choy and I walked back to the movie house. We got in and listened to all the interesting questions from the audience, and was able to witness a lot of great feedbacks from the guests. Third World Happy was welcomed with a lot of great queries. Kuya was also asked with a lot of interesting questions like how the story was conceptualized, was it based from his own life, and was 'Dexter' Wesley's son from Aylynn... These are just some of the things that Kuya answered wholeheartedly. But there was one Korean girl who stood out. She went up to speak on the mic just to let Kuya know that she was very much like the main character of the story. She too was struggling to fulfill her dreams, and was finally on her way there. It was truly inspiring, and we were all so touched with her story. She was already set to leave Jeonju that weekend to study in the US.

After the Q&A and autograph signing, our JIFF Ziggy showed us around a little bit more before going our separate ways. And since we found ourselves hungry afterwards, we scouted for the nearest fast food chain. Lo and behold, we found KFC!

Were were also set to meet Rachel later that the evening, so we decided to do some window shopping again before heading back to the hotel. I was able to buy shirts for 12000 WON each (I couldn't help but convert won into pesos!), and was able to get a photo with this funny-looking Korean guy, who actually wanted to take a photo with me..hahahaha!

We also took more photos by the famous JIFF spots on our way back to CORE hotel.

We also took a short nappy-nap before leaving the hotel for another engagement. By the way, the temperature that night was super cold. 

My niece Rachel took us to where College Street was, which was a little far from where we came from. She also brought us to this really nice restaurant that had a little frying and tossing going on. The place is called GOSOO DAKGALBI. Their specialty was duck, mixed in with sliced cabbages, scallions, onions, penne pasta, cheese, rice cake, chili pepper paste and other garnishes. 

After dinner, we walked towards this ART Gallery Bar (we were the only ones in there at the time) where the three of them grabbed some beers.

Our jam-packed day ended with a lot of fun, great stories and laughter. Even through that very night, we were already looking forward to what the next day would bring us. 

Explore & Be Free!
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