Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 3: Third World Happy's Industry Screening Day! :)

[May 4, 2011]

This is basically what went down on our third day in Jeonju:

To start our day, we had our buffet breakfast again at Core Hotel's Skylounge Resto :) And of course, I got me some sausages and Yakult bottles again! *Yeah!*

Since Kuya had a prior engagement, Choy and I decided to do some wandering on our own. :) We dropped-by the Geaksa house near the  Cinema Street before heading back to our usual window shopping. I later on found out from Rachel that the Geaksa house was also a tourist attraction in Jeonju. So we already had that crossed out from our list of places to visit.

After going around the Cinema Street, Choy and I decided to spend a few hours at the JIFF guest lounge (where we met Sir Remton for the first time!). Now, the perks of being a JIFF guest is that you get to have your own festival ID. Just flash your ID at the JIFF lounge, and you get in right away. The best part about getting in the lounge was actually the unlimited free drinks. A variety of free beverages were served, as well as some free internet surfing! :) I actually got some Popcorn tea to go, and it really tasted like drinking buttered popcorn, only in its liquid form. But if I were to go back and get another drink, I'd stick to some coke! But the tea wasn't that bad though.

After hanging out with Choy at the Jeonju International Film Festival Lounge, we decided to head back to the Megabox area to meet Kuya. Much to our surprise, a group of Belly-dancing girls started performing for the crowd.

We were also able to get free tickets for the screening of Damgo ni Eleuteria. But we opted to eat out for lunch instead of catching the last show (went out for some Dasarang chicken and pizza again!!!). Anyway, our third day in Jeonju was also Third World Happy's Industry Screening Day. You can also read more about our indie film, THIRD WORLD HAPPY on this link. The film also featured two of the Philippines best actors -- Sam Milby and Jodi Sta. Maria.

Now, only a couple of films were selected for this particular day, and Third World Happy by EJ Salcedo was fortunate to be one of them. These film selections were basically shown to the 'industry people' (who came from different parts of the world) -- the ones who will be buying the film/s that they think their countrymen would want to watch. And since Cinema One Orginals held the rights to kuya's film, we no longer had word whether his was purchased. But of course, we were grateful enough to be even shown internationally. Much more grateful to hear a lot of great feedbacks from movie-watchers as well.

By the way, here's a video clip of our TWH film, Enjoy!

Anyway, a more touristy piece on the next post!

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