Houston finally lands on Boracay!

[Post from May 2011 trip]

I was fortunate enough to visit Boracay again with my very Big Family. And yes.. I had to put an emphasis on the words BIG Family since I was literally going on a vacation with 16 people, including myself!

And if you've read my About Budget Biyahera page, you will find that I typically help look out for 13 people when going on a vacation (locally that is). But since my family from Houston went to visit us this May 2011, there were 4 additional members excluding my sister Ina (who went to study in Texas 3 years ago). In my original count, Ina's still part of the 13. =P

Moving along, planning a trip for this many people was very tasking; and booking flights for each one is a meticulous job on its own. I really had to be careful about double-checking their names; and making sure to secure the ID's that they will be bringing at the airport for authentication purposes (to avoid paying for mistakes later on).

Now, scouting for resorts that will accommodate our number was also tasking. I had to find the most affordable places without sacrificing the comfort that my family also needed to enjoy the vacation. So we settled for Boradise Beach House, as my Kuya already stayed here previously. It was for him, the best accommodation for a large family like ours. And not only was it by Station 1, it was also just a 2-min walk to the beach.

I was also able to secure our reservations for 4 rooms at Boradise by paying them the second installment during my March trip in Boracay. The rest was settled when we arrived.

Now, our trip back in Boracay consisted of a lot of water activities. Although I didn't get to do much of these, I was stilll present in taking photos of them.

Anyway, here's how our 5 days went:

Day 1 - May 19

Delayed Zest Air Flight
Late Arrival at Caticlan
Checked-in at Boradise / Settled our balance
Ate dinner at Yellowcab
Late night beach hang-out

Day 2 - May 20

Palengke Shopping (for our home-cooked meals)
Early beach hang-out at Ole with Kuya and 4-year old Teyt
Snack & Drinks with the whole family at Cafe Zeppelin
Station 2 hangout before lunch (the boys went out for some drinks at the Hobbit House, while the girls did some shopping at D'Mall)
Lunch at Boradise
Afternoon Beach Hangout near Jony's Fruit Shakes
Dinner at Boradise

Day 3 - May 21

Breakfast at Boradise (tried Real Coffee and Tea's Calamansi Cupcakes -- SUPERB!!!!!!)
My sibs and cousins tried the Jetski and went Parasailing afterwards
Back to Boradise for Lunch
Afternoon shopping w/the whole family at the D'Talipanan area
Went out for dinner at Mango Ray (My mongolian treat for mi familia!)

Day 4 - May 22

Breakfast at Boradise
Snacks at Nigi-Nigi Resort by Station 1
Lunch at Boradise
Afternoon Island Hopping
Dinner at Gasthof (My brother, Malay's treat!)
Late night massage by the beach & a few drinks

Day 5 - May 23

Last breakfast at Boradise
Last hangout at the Beach by Beachcomber
Last lunch at Boradise
Resort Check Out

This itinerary right here may look simple. But it took a lot of effort to pull this off (and to gather everyone in one place, all at the same time) just so everyone could have a good time. So kudos to the team -- to my family that is, who contributed a lot to make this beach trip a success.

Disclaimer: I may not be able to provide a more detailed Travel Expense Sheet this time since my cousins paid for some of the activities that we did. So I will only be able to share the ones that we spent straight from our pockets.

Until then..

Explore & Be Free!

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  1. One of my first few accounts in Audit was a Boracay Project Fairways and Bluewater but it took me 5 or more years before I was able to set foot on the wonderful island of Boracay and I've been back countless number of times.


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