Friday, June 15, 2012

A traveler's view on the Lenovo Q350 phone

I recently came from a 5-day trip -- touring around the majestic provinces of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. For 5 days, 1 day was spent in Vigan, 2 days in Pagudpud and 1 day in Laoag. 

Rubel and I had to start our trip early (to the airport that is) since the car was held captive at home due to coding. So we took the MRT, and then went to take the cab from Taft to NAIA Terminal 2. We were flying Philippines Airlines then, so I was super giddy about flying PAL once again. 

After checking in, we immediately looked for a vacant bench to sit on while waiting for our flight.. and to get a better view of an ongoing NBA game being televised. I, on the other hand, eventually looked for a charging outlet for my main phone (Glad that NAIA 2 had one nearby). Good thing, my Lenovo Q350 was in tow as an extra hand phone. It's radio and game features kept me company while I was charging my other phone. Moreover, the radio reception from my Lenovo Q350 was streaming normally. I was actually able to surf from one channel to another easily. :)

The Lenovo Q350 that Lenovo Philippines gave me has truly empowered me as a traveler. Not only did the radio and game features keep me sane throughout the long waiting period, I was also able to use the Notes app for jotting down itinerary details from all of our city tour's. It was so handy and was super light to carry! :)

So thanks again Lenovo Philippines for this awesome gift! :) Until our next journey together..

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