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My 7 Super Shots

I already heard about the #7SUPERSHOTS trending a few months ago. So this made me want to join right after seeing the compilations from some of the blogs that I followed. But in order to participate in this super fun activity, one must actually be tagged first. Well, as for me.. no one was tagging me! *LOL* But when a fellow travel blogger (Francis of PALA-LAGAW) finally asked if I wanted to join, of course, I immediately said "YES"! Oh, and if I may add.. fellow blogger Edmar of also tagged me sometime ago! So thank you Edmar! :P

Anyhow, to continue on with my excitement to finally be a part of this game, let's start with...

Makes Me Think...
Window of the World, Shenzhen, China (April 2010)

A few months ago, I wrote something about 'turning my rejections into a positive'. It was about getting rejected for the third time. If you must know, I applied countless times for a US Visa, yet I got denied over and over. I actually thought about visiting Canada instead, since friends advised that it was easier to get a visa from that country. Just maybe, it can be my first time to fly via Air Canada when given the chance to travel in North America. Anyway, this specific photo made me think if I'll ever get the opportunity to see this part of the world. I was already excited when I saw this miniature structure of the Statue of Liberty in Shenzhen's Window of the World park. But of course, I wanted to see the actual one in New York City! 

Takes My Breath Away...
Kayangan Bay, Coron, Palawan (January 2012)

This would have to be the most perfect view of Kayangan Bay. I already saw different versions of it from other people's photos. But to see it in actual, was remarkably mind-blowing! 

Makes Me Smile...
Boracay (May 2012)

I've already mastered the art of timing 'jumpshots'. So I was confident that I would be able to take plenty of photos without tiring-out my 'models'. Given that, I asked my siblings to jump into the water. This photo of them in Boracay, never fails to make me smile.

Makes Me Dream... 
At Jeonju International Film Festival - Jeonju, Korea (May 2011)

This photo of these cute belly dancers performing at the Jeonju International Film Festival brought me back to my childhood. I've actually dreamt about becoming a professional dancer back in the day. Now, I can't remember why I failed to pursue it. But once in a while, I dance in wild abandon --- inside the confines of my room! :P

Makes My Mouth Water...
Emohruo Beach Restobar, Saud, Pagudpud (June 2012)

The Buffalo Chicken Salad was one of the highlights of our dinner at Evangeline's Emohruo Beach Restobar. My beau and I loved the flavor of the boneless chicken, especially when we dipped it with the vegetables in the ranch dressing. 

Tells A Story...
My Starbucks Global Icon Series Mugs helps document my travels. :)
I've been traveling since I was a kid. But I've only traveled extensively in 2007. Although it was only in 2010 when I started collecting these Starbucks' Global Icon Series Mugs. So instead of bringing home different kinds of souvenirs from all of the places that I've been to, I buy these instead. Now, I've already been to these local and international destinations (except for Malaysia and New York City). But I'm still missing quite a few cities from my previous trips.

I Am Most Proud Of (a.k.a. my worthy of National Geographic shot!)
Calatagan, Batangas (May 2010)

I took this photo of my niece, Teyt during her morning swim at Ronco Beach, Batangas. This would have to be one of those priceless moments, when your niece (who was just 3 years old then) finally decides to no longer be afraid of a tiny sea creature - a gray Starfish.

***It took me quite some time to really go through all of my photos, as I wanted to share 7 of the best ones that I've captured. I may not be a professional photographer. But I can say that I am proud for having taken these '7 SUPER SHOTS!'. 

Anyhow, here's where I'm tagging Photography and Travel Bloggers to share their 7 Super Shots:

Franc of, Marie of Vienna and Beyond, Shugah of Wander Shugah and Irene of Inspiration from the little things and Joanna  of My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands to take part in the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots.  #7SuperShots

How about you -- where's your 7 Super Shots? :)

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